Monday, December 3, 2007

the last few weeks....

We had our whole family here for Thanksgiving. It was great and who knows when it will happen again. Joe took me out for our anniversary. We have been married for 29 years. Wow, didn't know he could put up with me that long. lol. He bought me a beautiful silver and diamond necklace and earrings. Then we asked Tim where he wanted to go eat before he left and he said he wanted to go to Hanks, Hanks he couldn't pick Outback he had to choose Hanks. So we went to Hanks. It is delicious, but expensive. Then Jeff and Joe took Cathy and I out for our birthdays. We went to dinner and to a show. We had a nice time. The show wasn't so great but the company was very nice. Joe came me another necklace. This one was diamonds and rubies. Cathy gave me a pair of earrings. I love them both. I enjoy celebrating our birthdays together. Then on Sunday my actual birthday, we went to a friends house for dinner. Oh my, it was so delicious!!! They went to a lot of work. Steak, appetizers, homemade ravioli, spaghetti, veggies, salad, homemade bread... awesome. Such great people and suck a great time we had. They invited our whole family. I couldn't believe it. What a great day. Their daughter and I even had cake with candles. My poor grandson got sick. I hope none of them do.

Well, Tim gets set apart tomorrow morning. We leave for the MTC in the afternoon. I am excited but sad. You so want your children to go on a mission but you really don't want to miss out on 2 years of their lives. I love having missionaries. I love writting them. I love sending them packages. It is a wonderful experience for them. Tim will grow so much. He will love Cape Verde so much! I can't wait for him to get there.

After we drop him off we are going to scuba dive in the crater. That should be fun. I hope it goes well. Cachay won't be able to but that is okay she will later.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I just found out last night that I am going to be a grandma again. Cachay and Joey are having another one. Their kids will be 12 months apart. There goes her diving in Hawaii. She is nervous. Joey is excited. He is telling everyone. Just like a man. He doesn't have to carry it, deliver it or take care of it. I am excited for them. That will be 5 grandkids for me.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving. I had all of my children there. It may be the last time in many years we will all be together. When Tim comes home from his mission Bobby will be gone on his. Who knows where the rest of us will be. It was great. My parents were there and Joe's mom was here. It was very nice. Our dishwasher decided to crash because one of my lovely children decided to put dish washing detergent for the sink in it and bubbled the heck out of it and shorted the works. So we had to wash everything by hand. My new dishwasher and trash compactor and faucet are now installed thanks to my wonderful, he can do anything husband. He is amazing. We really didn't need a new compactor, I don't know why he bought a new one--oh yes I do--we needed one with a stainless front not a black front, because everything in the kitchen is stainless now except the fridge. No I am not going to change that. Tomorrow Tim and Chris talk. I guess I better bring my Kleenex. I am getting soft in my old age. Bobby gets his eagle that evening. It will be a busy wonderful day. Tim leaves in 9 days. I need to mark his clothes. He is mostly ready. He can't take much. He only gets to take 44 pounds to Cape Verde. The planes are small there I guess. Or maybe the row boat. lol He is getting excited to go on this new adventure. I am excited for him. He will be greatly missed around here but I know he needs this mission as much as it needs him.

We were outside putting up our nativity on the lawn and this car came by staring at all the houses, which isn't out of the ordinary. The Flaggs went by and saw me talking with the guy. He was black, skinny, wore his cap to the side, driving a 04-05 Escalade. Sandy (girl living with the Flaggs) said it was Flavo flave. Some has been rapper. I looked him up. He used to wear a clock biiiiggg clock around his neck and had his teeth with his name in them. I don't really know if it was him or not but I really didn't care.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, thankful turkey day. I pray for my neighbors mother who has a bad bug of somekind that mutates and avoids antibiotics. She is not doing very well and I hope that they don't lose her. She is very contagious. They have to gown up and wear masks to see her. She is in quarantine in the hospital. A nonmember friend suggested we give her a blessing. How do I suggest that to my neighbor?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wo be unto him

My daughter Sarah has a best friend from high school. This girl was never going to get married for have kids, even from pressure from us. lol She got married to a good guy. She is pregnant, about 4 week less than Sarah. Well, her husband lost it the other day and beat her up. All I know is that if that happened to one of my daughters-wo be unto the guy! Her whole family would be on him in no time. The guy took all their money out of the bank. He told her he wanted nothing to do with the baby then turned around and told her he was going to take the baby from her. Her parents are well to do and have hired a lawyer. I think she should have reported this and filed a restraining order. She needs to cover her toosh. He can't get any rights to this baby. She was so happy. He just snapped for some reason. She works and he told her she needed to bring in more $$$ well guess wh0 she works for. Her husbands business.

This world is so evil and gettng worse.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Family

After the temple we decided to do family pictures. These were taken with Tim's little camera. We had a friend of Sarah's take the real ones. We also had pictures taken with my mom and my brothers family. My brother has a son going on a mission. He enters the MTC on Wednesday. He is going to New Jersey. It is neat that he and Tim are going at the same time. He leaves the MTC the day that Tim enters. It is so nice having Chris home. The family is together for a month. I can't wait to receive the blessings from having another missionary. I love having them on missions. I worry like heck but love haveing them serve the Lord. Tim will be so good. He loves the people. I can't wait.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Long time no post

Well, Tim went to the temple today. It was a great day. There were quite a few people from the ward there today. There were some from other wards supporting Tim. The stake Pres from our other Stake -Pres. Hastings was there. Of course he is our long time friend. We even saw his old Primary President there. You know it shouldn't bug me but my brother and his family came from Mapleton, Utah. My brother does not have a recommend. His wife does. Yet Joe has 10 brothers and sisters and a mother and not one called, or attempted to come. I even offered to drive to St George to get his mom and she said no. How pathetic is that? What a supportive family. It just bugs me. We try to go to as many things as we possibly can because we know it is important. I felt so bad when we couldn't go to his sisters sealing last weekend but my nephew went through the temple and had his farewell. We asked Sarah if she would go in our place and she did. Poor Tim, I know he says he doesn't care but he does. He knows who loves him and supports him. I have been dealing with things like this for 29 years and it still hurts and lets me know who cares about my family. Enough with letting out my saddness. After the temple we went to lunch and then came back to house for family pictures. We took some at the pool on the rocks. It was fun. Then we had stake conference. It was the first time in 29 years that Joe has asked me to sing in his choir. So I did. It was kinda fun. All in all it was a great day.
Chris came home on Wednesday. That was so great. It is nice to have him home. He is glad to be here and is always telling us he loves us and loves being home. Even though it is weird. He is such a great kid. I don't know what I am going to do with two comedians around the house. He and Bobby are going to kill me.
I love my family. I love telling people I have 9 kids. My husband is the greatest! My kids and their spouses and my grandkids are the greatest.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


It is finally finished. Out new office is finally finished. We are moving in. We got our finale after about killing Joe. Now he just has to get a final for the mechanic building. That will be a little tougher. It is a very nice building. I just have to worry about paying for it now. We still have things that need to be done. Like our name on the front and the glass etched inside but we moved in. The phones are working and the computers are tooooo I think. Our computer guy in working on that this weekend I hope. We already got an offer on the old building and land. It is nice to have this done. Moving is the hard part. Most of the stuff involves men throwing away what is not needed and that is not easy they just want to move things and keep piling it up. They don't like to go through things and throw away. Maybe life will get to be a little normal again soon. After I get caught up again. We have changed from Cox to Embarq for our internet service. Embarq has the fastest. It is awesome. I will probably change the one I have at home also. Forget Cox. It is always messing up. Sarah has Embarq and she said it never messes up.

Finally done

It is finally finished. Our office building is finally finished.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pres. Hinkley

"After President Hinckley finished with the sustaining of the officers of the church during the Saturday morning session, Elder Eyring had moved to his new seat on the stand. Unfortunately, they didn't show this on TV, but when President Hinckley turned around, he stood there for a moment looking at Elder Eyring, then picked up his cane and "knighted" him on his shoulder and head. Truly one of the funniest things I've ever seen him do. I love how President Eyring looks just like a little boy..."

I absolutely love President Hinkleys sense of humor. Here he is knighting Elder Eyring. He has such a wonderful sense of humor. We all need to take a step back and learn from this wonderful President and become more like him. I am sure Jesus and our Father in Heaven have a sense of humor just like this.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bob's new car vs my new car

Not my new car anymore. I turned it back in. It wasn't visible at night and not until I had it detailed but it had a very bad acid rain or something on the paint. Soooooo I am getting a new one in a couple of weeks. It is still on the ship. It will be white. Cooler in the summer here. I haven't had a white car in a long time. It will be different. I won't feel the need to put flags on it. haha

I don't know which car fits the best but I do know I won't be driving anywhere with Bob in the red car. It may be safer though. hahaha. It would be nice to have the police on our side. haha
My car is a little more comfortable than his and all 4 wheels touch the ground. Bob seems to like the red one better he is smiling more.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Yes, it takes me forever to decide to go to a Dr. let alone get something done. I have to really be in pain. I mean so bad that I can't function, so bad I want to die. Then I go and get something done about it. I was suppose to have my gall bladder out long before I did. It started bothering me when I was pregnant with Timmy. I got it out what 2 years ago. So Sunday we were, a couple of friends and I, talking about a lift here and there. It may take me a few years to do that. I don't know I have to lose all the weight first. Then I will think about it. lol Right. I will be dead by then. I am just glad I am not one of those pregnant people. I am glad those days are forever gone. yahoo! I like grandkids. I like sleep! I like freedom! I liked kids in my day but I am toooooooo oooooolllllllldddddd now. I need a cane. haha. I look back and sometimes wonder how did I do that. Sarah Barlow thinks she has laundry. I will trade her laundry any day. Come to my house on Tuesday after the housekeepers have been here. ha! I love Tuesday. My house is sooooo clean. Love it! and I didn't have to do it. We eat out on Tuesday because I don't want to dirty the kitchen. I like 1 day with it clean. I am just babbling. It feels good. I cleaned the fat clothes out of my closet. I never want to see them again. I hope to purge again soon. yahoo.
It was Trenton's birthday the other night. He was so cute. He loved getting all those cars gifts. He has such cute expressions. He doesn't talk much but he sure lets you know what he wants. What a cutie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENTON

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, I have lost a total of 36 pounds since July 9th. I have been going through my closet for the last couple of days and getting rid of clothes. Joe even went through and got rid of some amazing. I try them on and toss them out. Don't get me wrong. I have all sizes in there somewhere. I am getting rid of the larger sizes never to be seen again. I was looking t a picture of me that Sarah took and I think maybe I am going to need a plastic surgeon. A face lift---well, maybe I should get everything lifted and tucked. I don't know if I could do that. It is to scary for me. There must be a different way. There are a few members of Joe's family that are getting larger breasts. I have a few images that come into my mind one is what will be left in the coffin. Say they have to open it. All that will be left is bones and two silicone filled balloons. lol I was e-mailed a picture on the Internet of a old lady in a thong on the beach. It was so disgusting. She had implants. Everything was wrinkled except her boobs. yuck! She was very thin also. Why do I get these images in my mind? I guess because it is late. I need to have something for Sarah B to read. I don't want to disappoint her.
Silverado played Coronado in volleyball the other day. They are a very rude school. I didn't enjoy playing there. Varsity won. I am glad. Our B team lost. I think their team was full of Jr's and ours are freshmen. Christina is having fun. We go out back and play with her and help her almost every evening. It is fun. I taught myself how to serve overhand. yeah. Bobby is pretty good. He should have played but he said it was not for him. haha.
Trenton is 2 tomorrow. He is so cute. He still doesn't say much but he knows what he wants and so do you.
We fired and hired two new girls at the office. The one I hired (Nadia) and she is cathcing on real quick. I really like her. The other is the one Joe hired and Nadia has to show her things. Joe had high hopes for Sally but she isn't what he thought she was. He knows her husband. This could be touchy.
Time for bed.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

great night

Today Bobby is 17. We got the family together and went to Boca de bepo. It is my parents 55th aniversary also. Sarah worked very hard and very fast for a week and put together a video with music of their pictures in their photo album. They had no idea. After dinner we brought them back to my house and sat them in front of the TV. And turned it on. Their faces were priceless. They said it was worth a million. It was their kind of music. It was really great. I tried to get the pictures in order as much as I could. I goofed on one or two. I just can't describe how wonderful it was. Sarah was the champ. She is so good at doing the videos. She is a wonderful daughter. I have great children each and every one of them. No one has better. They all have their own great talents. I love them each equally. I love them each for who they are. It hurts me when one thinks I love the other more. It is so untrue and they will find it out when they are a parent. I love you all my children. Mom

Tuesday night

Tuesday night I was sitting at the kitchen table checking payroll so I wouldn't get to behind at my office the next day. It was about 1 am. Joe came out and said he felt weird. He said he felt like he did one day when he was in Panaca. He kept pacing and dilly dallying around. He wouldn't sit, he wouldn't do anything. I watched him. Finally he said we need to go to emergency. He usually has heart palpatations. It runs in his family. He said this time his heart seemed to beat to slow. He was dizzy and couldn't breath. So we sat in the ER with his hooked up for a couple hours. They did a ekg, bloodwork, x-ray etc... Then he said you have enough tests and I have been here long enough unhooked himself and said give me the papers to go. We went home. He said he would go to the cardiologist tomorrow. Then next day he didn't feel good. I made him an appointment. They seem to think nothing is wrong. They will do a stress test on him on the 26th. We will see then. I think he is stressed from building the building. We didn't get any sleep that night.

hum haw

Tim is so excited about his mission. He bought a program to learn how to speak Portugese. He works every day on it. He wants to be one step ahead. What a great kid I have. He still reads his scriptures etc... I don't know what to teach him to cook because I don't know what they cook there. lol. I will have to get on missionary moms and find out.

Christina is loving playing volleyball. Her dad is helping her inprove her skills. Everyday they go in the volleyball court and hit balls. She really loves High School. She is also in the choir.

Chris is excited to come home. His only concern is his parents are starting to make demands on him and he wants to be with us. I am trying to encourage him to do what is right and what is in his heart. He has been done wrong in many ways by them but he needs to remember they love him. They are in no means perfect, no one is. He loves his mission. I can't wait to see him and have his humor around again. I really miss him. I will also miss Tim. I love to miss my children when they are on missions. It is so much fun. I love to hear their stories. I love to see their growth.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Tim got his mission call today. He opened it and read the place where he was going and we all went where? Where is that? He is going to Cape Verde Praia. Ha You don't know where it is either. The only one that knew is Elder Roode. It is North West of Africa. It is a group of islands. They are very poor there. They speak Portuguese. He leaves December 5th for the MTC in Salt Lake. He is very excited. The other good news is Elder Roode emailed me today and his mission Pres. called him and said that Salt Lake said his release date is Nov. 7th. Pres. thought it was Dec 19th. So he gave him the choice of which date he would like to use. He said he would like to talk with his mom and would call him tonight. We talked and decided that Nov. 7th would probably be the best. So he and Tim will get to spend 1 month together. I am so excited for them both. Tim's cousin enters the MTC on November 14th. He is going to New Jersey. They may overlap in there a day or two. CONGRATULATIONS TIM. I LOVE YOU.

LDS Mission Network - Mission Index List

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I went to a show tonight at the Hilton with my neighbor for her birthday. It was soooo funny. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard. It was called MENOPAUSE. It was all so true. Younger women just won't understand but us that have gone through it will. We laughed off about 10 pounds. The actresses were great. I kept wondering who I was going to take when I go back to see it. She wants to see it also. I think it may have traumatized her younger girls. They just don't know what they have in store for them in the later years. I bought the cd. The music was from my time but they changed the words. It was so funny. What a nice night.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Now I think I have caught up on my blogging, so no more complaining. I even changed my background and learned how to put pictures on. woohoo Cudos for me.

The gang is all here in South Dakota.
McDonalds. We really went all out and spent a lot of money to eat.
Eating again, and again and again.
The hill behind us is Devils Tower. It has an old Indian folklore that goes with it.
The cool gang. We are between two states.

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Websites I visit Daily:
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1. Shopping
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4. hawaii-can't wait to go in december

I tag Beth

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Christina made the freshman volleyball team out of 38 girls. That is awesome. She had her first game yesterday. They played at Durango. It was like 110 in the gym. Their air conditioner was struck by lightening and it was out. The girls need a real coach. Their coach does not know what she is doing. I told Sarah she should coach them. They did win. Yeah. Christina pulled them out of the first game with 9 serves in a row. Yes! I am hoping by the end of the year they will at least know how to set. Maybe line up on the line after the game or something. I know they are freshman and most have never played. They have also changed all the rules since Sarah played. I don't think I like the new rules. They have taken alot of the "skill" I guess is the word out of the game. Anyway, that is progress I guess. Freshmen team won and the varsity lost after 5 games. I look forward to ging to High School sports again.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Calls usually do come 2 weeks after the papers are put in. This will be my 4th missionary. I love having missionaries out there. When Tim comes back, Bob will either be leaving or gone. WOW. Then I only have girls left.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, after a long hard year and a few months. Tim finally has his papers turned in. He called President Davie tonight and Pres. told him that they went today. Tim is very excited. I hope he leaves before December because we don't have a ticket for him for Hawaii. Elder Roode comes home on December 19. That is a couple of days before we leave for Hawaii. Everything worked out for him. He is doing so well. They love him. I am going to bed, I am tired.

Friday, August 24, 2007

cell phone

I got a new cell phone. I got the blackberry curve. Boy does it do alot. I want to find a site that I can download some nice ringtones and the at&t site doesn't have that many country songs that I like. Such a catrastophy right? haha. I wish that was all I had to worry about. I think I will do some answer tones too. I haven't been to our ward for about 5 weeks. I won't be there this Sunday either. We have a court of honor and homecoming in St George.

We had a bunch of volleyball girls at our home this evening. Christina made the freshman volleyball team at Silverado. She is excited. It was a get to know you and the coaches and the rules meeting. The girls tye dyed shirts and socks. Well, mostly they dyed their hands and clothes. Christinas hands are purple. This too shall fade. haha.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm back

What a busy summer I have had so far. Let's catch up. Lake Powell was so fun. I got a nice tan. I didn't even need to sit in the sun. The water was beautiful. The temperature was great. We had fun with all the family and friends that showed up. Our boat worked the whole time. We didn't hit a sand bar with the boat, no one tried to run us off the road on the way. The grandkids were so much fun. We only wish Joey, Cachay, Dianna and Chris could have been there. We had lots of excellent family time. We even went into church. Woohoo. We missed the first ward we went to so had to find another chapel or go to a meeting in Navajo. Which would have been okay we went to a Samoan one in Australia. Dianna was in Palmyra. She was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. She enjoyed that very much. I can't wait to go back to the Lake.

Dianna came home on the 22nd. Joe went to Alaska on the 28th. A vendor took him fishing for a couple days. He said it was the only time that he didn't spend a dime on a trip. He took his wallet out once and the Vendor told him to put it away. He was amazed. He usually pays. He had a great time and caught a lot of fish. He shipped them home.

Joe and I left with some friends on the 3rd for Sturgis, SD. We drove out motorhome. It started with whether or not we should go because Cachay did not know if she was in labor or not so I said let's go. If we stay it won't be labor. I got as far as St George. They dropped me off and I came back with my SIL who is a midwife and happened to be the one delivering the baby. We got to Cachays around 5ish and the baby was born at 10:38. She is so cute. The birth was uneventful and great. It didn't take to long and wasn't to bad for the mom. Her mom was there and I was there. We encouraged and helped in any way we could. Joey caught the baby after the head was delivered. He was so excited and a could coach. It was a great experience. I went home slept for a little while-ya right- and got on a plane for SLC where I met the group and we went on to Sturgis. We had a real good time. We put 1000 miles on the Harley. The country is beautiful. We saw Devils Tower, Mt Rushmore, Wind tunnel which is the 4th largest tunnel in the world. We only had a couple mishaps. One member of our party decided to drive off road on his bike but he kept control --sorta. The other was our neighbor went down on his. Both happened in the rain. It was just starting to rain and slick and they hit the white line on the side of the road and slid off the road. Thankfully it was onto some grass. They scrapped an elbow and hand and a couple bruises but they were okay and oh ya so was the bike it was just full of grass in every nook and cranny. It didn't scratch the bike so all was okay. haha Joe decided to try to play toro with buffalo with his boody. Thank goodness the buffalo wasn't looking. The cop told him to stop because they are easily agitated and they run 35 mph. We went to see Toby Kieth at the Buffalo Chip. Toby Kieth was awesome but gong through the Buffalo Chip was like Sodom and Gomorrah. (I probably spelled that wrong) It had such an evil feeling in that place. You have to be 18 just to camp there. I am glad we camped 20 miles away. We will go back next year. It will be just as fun. I really got to know my neighbors better and see how they live their religion. I hope they saw how we live ours. I hope we had some influence on them for the good. We were meant to be neighbors. We almost bought some land between here and Pahrump and come to find out they almost bought the lot next to the one we wanted on the same street.

We came home and went to see our new grandbaby. She is so cute.

Then last weekend we went to Cache Valley Utah for a family reunion. All my kids went except Preston and Chris. It was nice to visit my dad's aunts and I know they appreciated it. It was a quick and nice trip. We took the motorhome. Nice roaming hotel. Nice to travel in. We got lots of corn and tomatoes. yum yum

Next weekend we are going to St George for a Court of Honor and a missionary homecoming. My neice went on a 4 month mission to Nauvoo. She had a wonderful time.

My cute little granddaughter turned 4.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here I am blogging instead of getting ready. I haven't done a thing. I have been at the office doing payroll and paying bills etc... I love to go to Lake Powell but why is it always so much work and stress to go out of town? We are having a friend stay at our house. We have horses and dogs and stuff to feed. When we come back Joe gets ready to go fishing in Alaska. Then when he comes home we get ready to go to Sturgis for the big Harley convention. We are driving in our motorhome. We are going with our neighbors. They are bringing their motorhome. We were having friends come with us but they can't so we go alone. It should be a great trip. The country is beautiful there.

Dianna called me today. She is in Palmyra. She is a few different things in the pageant. I can't remember what they are. She is having a great time. The pageant starts on Friday. She misses us all already and we miss her. Just got her home and she is gone again. She comes home on the 23rd. Maybe she will find her dream man at the pageant. That is okay as long as they don't live back there. They have to move west.

Cachay is due in two weeks. This baby better wait til I get back from Powell and then she needs to hurry and get here. I can't wait to meet her. She is going to be a cutie. Yes, I already know that. It would be funny if she had my color hair. haha.

I better go get my menu completed. Sarah did half of it. She is a good daughter. I am glad they are going with us. I hope they stay longer than they are saying they will.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, Joe sold his soft tail Harley the other day. I didn't think he would. It is the one on the picture. I thought he would keep it and ride it when I didn't go with him. I told him he should keep it but who knows. It was a beautiful bike.

We had our annual 4th of July party. We started having these parties every year when we moved into this house so--this was our 6th one. Joe's dad loved parties and would have big get togethers all the time but with just the family. So he is carrying on a tradition that his father started. It is a shame his family doesn't seem to want to continue it. It is really hot though. Maybe we should change to an easter egg hunt or something. I don't know. I love it. I just get nervous and don't want anyone to get hurt. I enjoy everyone coming over and I get to chat for a few minutes with everyone. Well, at least half of the people. I am sorry that I miss talking with friends. Sometimes I don't know the people that come but we don't care. We just want everyone to have a good time. My favorite part is the speech and saying the Pledge and singing the National Anthem. I truly love this country. I love what we stand for. I think those that don't such as Rosie, Jane Fonda, the Dixie Chicks should be hung for treason. At least deported to another country. Like they say LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!! This country was told that as long as we were righteous and religious people we would be saved. Why do we let a few wayward souls rule us and take God out of our country? Let us stand up for our rights and our God. This is a great country. My father has been involved in two wars--he went to Korea and Vietnam. I stand up and salute him and all those like him who help fight for our freedom. I think we should raise the pay level for those who defend us and keep us free. Give a paycut to the Pres, senators and govenors. All they do is argue with each other and damean each other. They need to get together-get on the same page. All I have to say is GOD BLESS AMERICA, land that I love, stand beside her and guide her. I also love you all. (Whomever is reading this)
Thanks to all who came to the party. We loved having you. Remember next year.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

blue man

We went to dinner with Joey and Cachay. It was nice. We went to Capital Grill. It is a upscale restuarant at the Fashion Show. It overlooks the strip. It is amazing what you see on the ground from the 3rd story. Some good...some not so good. Some funny. Then we went to the show. It is a great show. I laughed the whole time. If you haven't seen it, it in a good one. They come out in the audience and involve people. Don't sit in the first 4-5 rows because you will be painted, unless you wear the cover they give you. It was a lot of fun. Everyone is invited to our house on the 4th remember. Sounds like Heather will be there. I have people here I don't know. Have a great day. Thanks for the book idea Beth. I might have to get that and read it. Sarah is in Panaca. I miss my grandkids when she goes there. Oh, I went to the Coach outlet. They are having a great sale. The one downtown is the busiest. It has the most stuff. They told me they are the #1 outlet. I believe it. I also went to the one around the corner. Of course, I bought something. Did you wonder? I love purses.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Last mopey blog

I am feeling in the dumps this week. I went to camp last year as the YCL leader. I wasn't asked to go this year. I have two girls there and I really wanted to go but... Oh well, that is the way it goes. I wasn't invited by the stake or the ward. So to make up for it Joe and I were going to go somewhere. I told him Tahiti but I knew it was to short notice for that. So tonight we are going to dinner and to Blue Man. We went to the lake twice this week. It is nice out there. The water is still a little cold. Bobby is the man. He can jump that wake on his board. He is trying to jump and do a 360. He almost does it. Wednesday is our 4th of July party that everyone is invited to. We provide the dogs and burgers and ask that everyone else bring something to share. We always have tons of food. It is a great party. I love it and so does Joe. Dianna also leaves Thursday for the pageant at Hill Cumorah. After all that we go to lake Powell. I love it there. Then Joe goes to Alaska to fish and then THE BABY comes. Yahoo. I also love being busy! I better go get ready to go. No more complaining in my posts. I promise!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

getting it off my mind sorry

I don't like it when you get called to a position at church and the person over you wants you to do things like they why call me to that position. If I get a calling I do the job. Does it really matter how you get it done as long as it is done? I give my girls at my office a job. I don't care how they get it done as long as it gets done otherwise why ask someone to do the job.

Another thing, I don't like it when people believe and listen to gossip. I have been accused by a person in the church of talking about someone. This accuser has not come to me and asked me if or what I have said. I would hope that before anyone believed something I supposedly said they would ask me first. Whom is the bigger sinner the supposed gossiper or the believer?

Just wanted to get that off my chest sorry. Any insites out there on the subject?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

lots of laughs

I am so funny. haha. I hope you are doing much better Annilee. I asked what you could or couldn't have to eat and they said you didn't have a set diet. I hope it was ok. Anywho. I am back from my cruise. We (Joe and I) took Tim and Bob with us on an Alaskan cruise. We went with my brother and his two boys. I loved Alaska. It is beautiful. We had a great time. This is how it went. We left Sunday morning. Bobby is still in training on his insulin pump. Well, he didn't go to the pharmacy and pick up his insulin. We found this out at 6 am Sunday. You cannot get his insulin without a perscription. It must be the new drug of choice. I guess everyone wants to kill themselves on it. One shot and that is what would happen if you didn't need it. We figured we should be able to get the perscription transferred to Alaska. He said he had enough to last but what if he doesn't. At the airport while we wait for the plane I kick up a conversation with a man who is from Canada. I asked him if he knew if we could get insulin without a perscription in Canada. Joe said "He won't know that!" My boys are looking at me like I am crazy. The man says well "As it so happens, my wife is diabetic and no you have to have a perscription." O ya, we think we need to check into United well we had to walk back with our luggage to the International Airport because we are flying Canada air. It is probably 1/2 mile. Then you have to go through custums. They have to search Bob because of his pump. I got 0 (that means no) sleep Saturday night. I was so tired. We have a good flight. We take the limo to the ship and meet my brother there. We booked a penthouse so we had champagne, flowers and fruit waiting for us because we are starved. You know a hooch and a tiny bag of trail mix doesn't go very far. We find food on the ship, yes! That is what you do on ship eat, eat, eat....We are in the very front of the ship and have a great balcony. I hate to do those life jacket drills. we leave yes. Monday we sail. Tuesday we dock at Ketchican. It is beautiful. We saw the old house of ill repute (Dolly's) She was the madam and the--you know. We saw a eagle up close. He was beautiful. They are everywhere. We shopped and toured. It was beautiful. We ate real fish and chips. Then we got back on and sailed to Juneau. The boys (men) went fishing. My sil and I looked around the port and went to see a glacier and a rain forest garden. It was beautiful. The glacier is blue. I thought the ice would be solid but it is like round ice frozen from your freezer. I don't know why it is blue. The waterfalls are so wonderful. You wanted to swim but I really don't like cold water. I like my pool just so. 89*. I don't think I would have been in that water past my little toe. They have Walmart in Juneau. I didn't make it there darn it. In the rain forest, it is owned by a landscaper. He bought a excavator for quite a bit of money (I know), his wife was mad. He did 30,000. worth of damage to it with a tree so he took the tree, picked it up and was slamming it with the excavator. It landed upside down with the roots exposed. He had a brilliant idea. He left it that way and put moss and flowers all in the root area. The flowers cascade down the sides like an umbrella. It is gorgeous. I would love to do that here. Tim and my nephew caught two big salmon. We got back on the ship and ate some more. We stopped at Skagway. We took a train ride on the trail they used to get to Skagway through Canada. We saw black bear there. More beautiful waterfalls, bigger than I have ever seen. I have been to a lot of places. My boys even enjoyed these scenery trips. Especially the bear. They wanted to get out and chase it like they did when we went to Canada. Silly boys. We shopped and bought stuff for the kids. The ship tried to take us to a huge glacier but there were to many ice bergs in the way. We headed home. Two days on the ship. People were sitting in the lounge chairs by the pool with blankets and parkas on it was hilarious. It was mostly a cruise for old people. No...I mean older than me. I am used to warm cruises down south. It was nice to spend some time with my brother and his family. We get together only once or twice a year. We are going to Hawaii for Christmas and they might join us. That would be nice. Enough boring you all. I am still rocking. The puppies are so cute. Oh, I had to have Sarah take the mommy to the vet because she didn't look to good when I left. All was well.
We might be gone this Sunday. We are thinking about going to the cabin. Sarah said it was wonderful up there.


OK, here is my blog.....there I am done.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

blog, blog, blog

I haven't blogged in so long I almost forgot my password. I am leaving in the AM for a cruise (well deserved) to Alaska. In this past week. We have given 23 people including myself (the worst case) food poisoning. I never knew you could throw up the lining of your stomach so many times and swallow it again. ugh.. Sorry so graffic. Or have loose bowles for so long. I lost 12 pounds. I had to go to jury duty the next day and stay for 7 1/2 to 8 hrs and not get picked. I would have just puked. You can't get out of it unless you talk with the judge. I had to get ahead at the office. I had to redo payroll because the girls like to make mistakes. I am just suppose to push print. hahahaha. We delivered 8 puppies. We finally got a long awaited passport. We had a wonderful friend (true meaning of friend) stand in line in LA because the passport people miscalculated and needed to get $15.00 more from us. He (our true friend) stood in line 4 hrs. I owe him big time. big big time. I had to finish at the office today. Mind you it is Saturday. I have to get things ready for my kids. My wonderful friend Tricia will drive for me this week in the car pool for school. Great friend also. I haven't packed. I am still washing. haha What am I doing? blogging am I insane? I will report later. Oh, it is suppose to rain the whole cruise. wonderful. My hair will love that! I will have fun though.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

great times coming tomorrow

I went to the new Walmart today on Russel and Eastern. Wow it is huge. I was there with Sarah, Mikayla and Trenton. Everytime I would get out of Trenton's site I would hear Bampa. That is what he calls me sometimes. Mikayla kept saying Grandma I need this. We need to buy those bubble blowers and we need bubbles. I need that Cinderella doll. She knows I don't like Dora and she sees it and says "look who that is grandma". I didn't see it and said "who?" She said look. I said oh Dumb Dora. Do you remember the show that said "_______ was so dumb, how dumb was it?" That is what I refer to. I got in trouble by Grandma Honey one day because Mikayla was at the store with her and said dumb Dora. Grandma Honey told me it wasn't nice. lol (Grandma Honey is the other grandma.) It is fun to be with my grandkids.

My Nana (Dianna) comes home in the morning. Will I sleep tonight? Will she sleep tonight? She has to come home alone because no other missionaries are to be released. It will be scary for her. She won't have a companion and has to change planes. It scares me. I don't like to do things alone. I will give up my guest bedroom for her. Aren't I a wonderful mom? lol Her homecoming talk is Sunday. She sent me a scripture through a member. Yes she keeps the rules to the end. It is 2 John 1:12 Look it up. What a perfect scripture. Her friend Christine Taylor comes home this week with her mom also. They left on the same day. It will be an emotional day tomorrow. I feel bad that she has to come home to the gossip and such going on in our lives. She will be the light that I need right now.

I can't wait to see Sarah and Mikayla dance together. Sarah took tap from Lori. Lori gave private lessons back then. Sarah wouldn't do her first dance until I promised her a green ice cream cone. Now she is dancing with her daughter. No I didn't take tap so I am not dancing. I have sat through enough lessons to know it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Dianna comes home in a week yeah. Countdown the days. Where am I going to put her? She will have to go in the guest room until I get Tim out of here. I want to miss him. I love having missionaries. When he gets back Bob will go. She will leave in a month to go back to NY to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
We did Bob's eagle project last week. It was great and I thank those who came, not many did but enough and we were greatful for them. It seemed to go well. I hope the signs stay up. They are not cemented in. If a strong wind blows they could topple over.
We are going on a cruise on the 3rd to Alaska. We are only taking the boys that are at home, of course. We are going with my brother and his family. They have two boys the same age as my kids. We ran into a problem with Bob's passport. It expires 3 days before we go. Oh well, he only needs it to get back in the US. lol We put a rush on it and it should be fast because it is a renewal. If not we stay in Canada til they can fed ex his new one to us. lol. Joe and Bob will like that won't they. Fishing and fishing and fishing.
The housecleaners came today along with the gardner and car washers. It is a great day. Everything is clean, clean, clean. I love it. Maybe when my kids are gone (what day will that be) I will clean my own house again. lol

Let me tell you about what happened on the way to Panaca. We got about 1/3 of the way and Joe said "I don't have any fuel getting through to the engine" Then he said "Everything just shut down on the motorhome." Mind you we just got it out of the shop from the Dunes disaster that happened because fleetwoods mechanic can't put a oil filter on right. Joe pulled over to the side of the road as much as he could without tipping it over. He unhooked the jeep and he and Bob took off back to town. Also, my parents were with us-they never come with us-so this break down is not a good thing. Joe had to drive all the way back to town. Catapillar would not send a mechanic--they wanted to tow it back. Well, we needed it in Panaca. We called the mechanic from our business. In the meantime--Preston and Sarah saw us on the side of the road and we have a few laughs---they took my parents and Mikayla with them. The mechanic and Joe changed a fuse a 5 amp fuse and it started. We went the length of the motor home and it stopped again. Joe put a 10 amp in this time and asked the mechanic to follow us for a little while and give us extras. Oh, Prestons sister MaryKate came by and stopped and took the girls with her. It was great we made it. My parents ran and got in it when we got to the Wadsworth's. They were worried about where they were going to stay and how they were going to get home. Other than that it was a great time. Things like this just add a little bit of adventure to the trip. lol

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Ya know I really love my grandkids. I bought Trenton a new bed today. It is a firetruck. I wish I could have been able to buy my kids the things I buy my grandkids. I really enjoy making them happy. I think he liked his bed. I hope he sleeps in it. He can climb in and out and turn the light on. He is such a cute boy. I think maybe Mikayla is a little jealous. Maybe she will sleep in it with him. lol I bought it because he can climb out of his crib and I don't want him to fall and crack his head or anything. Maybe Sarah will take and picture of him in it and put it on her blog or maybe put it on mine. I bought my new granddaughter on the way a few clothes the other day, the only problem is that I don't know Cachay's taste so I don't know if she will like them. Oh well, we will see. I can't wait to see how Trenton did in his bed tomorrow. Funny the little things that excite us isn't it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

robbers and thieves

Last night I left my children home (Bobby 16, Christina 14, Sabrina 12, Jenna 10). Joe was out with friends. Tim was out with friends. Jana (that's me) went to ward cooking class with friends. I told the kids to make sure every door was locked. On my way out the door from cooking class I get a call from the neighbor that another neighbor was almost robbed. I guess some hooligan broke into my neighbors house stole stuff and then jumped the fence and threw a rock through this nieghbors french door and proceeded to knock the rest of the glass out with a paint pole. All the lights were out in her house except for the room she was in. She heard the noise and turned her bedroom light on (that was the room it happened in) The guy ran away. She called 911. They kept her on the phone. The cops came. Of course they found nothing. They never show up when they are needed. They just harrass my kids in the desert. Another story. The cop said to keep lights on in your house. Keep it well lit outside. Have a gun available but not where a robber can find it. We have had a lot of burgleries in the area. Some in the middle of the day. I came home and Bob was gone --to a friends and the girls has doors unlocked. Needless to say I came unglued at them. I want to bestoe fear into them. It is just to scary.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My dear child

I learned something tonight while at dinner with my family. My son pointed out to me by saying "Don't you remember Mom what it said in the Work and the Glory III about it is ours to forgive?" Wow, I must learn from this spiritual giant I have raised and the one that was mostly attacked. Ya know I don't care what is said about me but do not attack my children. What warriors my children are. What faith they have. We think we are teaching our children but we really aren't they are teaching us. Joe taught me a long time ago. These children come to this earth with certain characteristics and we can try to guide them but when all is said and done they will do what they want. We cannot change these spirits. We just love them. All of them. I am blessed to have the children I do. That includes my adopted ones. Chris is included in that. He is very valiant. I believe he and Tim were friends before they came to this earth. Chris has been through a lot--to be kicked out of his house because he didn't clean his room---to where he is now a district leader on his mission. So what I started to say is I am going to pray to find forgiveness in my heart for the wrongs that have been put upon my family. I pray others will forgive anything I have done to them. Let us not listen to gossip or spread gossip. I learned a long time ago to not believe something that was said unless I asked the person that said it if it were true.

We have a mommy daughter date tonight at yw. It was pretty fun. We had to do like the newlywed game and answer 3 things about our daughters. Then they had to answer ours. I think my girls know me better than I know them. lol We did pretty good though. It was fun and I thank all those who put on the show.

ride baby ride

I finally felt good enough I could leave my family while we went to Laughlin. I knew they could handle things while I was gone. I took care of some things in the morning so I could prove innocence of things we were accused of. I still don't know if the accuser believes the proof. Oh well, if not woo be unto him or should I say them. Anyway, we rode the Harley. Our neighbors came with us. I think it was 110 down there. It wasn't that hot last year. We had a good time. The multitudes weren't there yet. It is fun going up and down the strip. We mostly walked around in the booths. We left before the rifraf began. My neighbors are so nice. I really think they would make great members of this true church. We came back to Vegas and slept in our own beds. I love my bed.
We left for St George today. That is a long way on the back of a bike though. Good thing we have a radio and headphones so we can talk to each other. I can carry on a good conversation with myself but i don't really like it when I answer back. We checked into the hotel and went back out to the bikes. Guess who we ran into, L. Tom Perry. Wow that was awesome. He is really tall and what a wonderful, kind, spirit. It is funny we ran into him because my DIL just got his address for me so I could write him with some concerns I have over what has just transpired with my family. (You have to write to your area leader. ) He and his wife were there for their anniversary. She is really a good person also. We had a nice tak with them, they are so wonderful, of course what general authority isn't? lol We told him our friends were not members and he said we could take care of that. They just laughed. I think he could tell they were good people. We said goodbye and rode to the Harley store. You have to go to them all ya know. Then we went to Zion. It was beautiful. Not very many tourists...roads were was wonderful. It kinda freed my mind. What beauty God created for us to enjoy. We got back to the hotel got in the jacuzzi after hours (they let us if we were quiet--it was hard but I was quiet). I was exhausted. Amazing how tired you get just sitting all day. lol
We got up saturday and went to Bryce Canyon. It was such a great weekend for the weather. There were lots of Harleys. Mostly from California. We came down the mountain through Panquitch, Brian Head and Parawoan. It was a little chilly at Brian Head as we went through just before it got dark. I wasn't cold I had my leathers and stuff on. Our friends weren't as equipped. They were a little cold.
When we came home we came the old way around the gorge. It was fun. It was hot also. But we stop often to rest. Joe has cruise control but our friends don't. On the way back I thought oh no back to the same problems blaugh. Oh well this to shall pass. No I don't want my own bike. I like sitting on the back. I just have to figure out how to read a book while I am on the back. lol I am just so funny. haha

You have never experienced Bryce or Zion like you do on the back of a bike. REALLY!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have been kicked for the last time. It will be hard to get back up from this one.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It has been a while since I posted. What has happened? We went to the fair with the grandkids. Oh yeah, we took our kids too. lol The boys went the next day and spent all day. Everything had such a great time. We went to the rodeo. It was so much fun. I don't know why I like them but I do. I love horses but wish I had more time to spend with mine.

Sarah B I feel sorry for you. I love Tuesday because I love my house soooo clean that day. Especially since I didn't have to do it. My yard gets done, and my cars get washed. I love it. Yes! The worst part is they find lots of laundry. ugh. It takes me a week to do it. I cleaned it all and did everything for 25 years, my husband said let me do something for you and got me a housekeeper. Love him for that. Only thing I need to do now is get some bon bons and be eating them on the couch when Joe gets home. He said that is all I do anyway (on Tuesday). lol

We went to St George to visit Joe's family. It was fun. We all actually got along. We all have different personalities. Some like to brag, some have to have the spotlight when they walk into the room until they leave the room. I used to come home crying when I went to any family things on the in-law side of the family. Now I come home laughing. Nothing bothers me. They make me laugh and I try to make them laugh. I do have a sense of humor ya know. I am funny when I want to be. That is when I overcome my shyness. Yes, I am shy I just cover it well, most of the time. Not when I am in a room full of people I don't know. Then I just find a corner to hang out in until I can leave. People take this in the opposite way. I have been told that people think I am snobby. I really am not---really. We took the grandkids with us and Sarah of course. We went to the Bear Mill. They had a great time. Trenton made a giraffe and put it in Harley clothes and calls it varoom varoom. Mikayla made a pig in a cowboy outfit. Mikayla Pig, that is what she named it. Original huh? hahaha

We got a new bishopric on Sunday. I knew we were going to, I was just surprised who the Bishop was. I knew who the counselors were. Should be interesting. It is a difficult job.

Tim went today and did the stuff he had to redo on the medical for his mission papers. They gave him the wrong papers and then didn't tell him for a week. I can see his side in that he wondered why it took a week to tell him and then I see the other side the guy had family problems. I really feel for Tim because he is thinking I should get my papers in another week and then..........oh you didn't have the right medical forms you have to go to the expense and time of doing it all over again. It can let you down a little. He is a good man. He does it himself.

We are riding the Harley with our neighbors to Laughlin Thursday. Yeah can you see me in a leather boostier (I don't know how to spell that) bra and thong? Don't think so. We are only staying the day. Friday we are going to Zion and around for the weekend. We are meeting up with a few other Harleys. No the kids aren't coming. They get to stay home. Mom and Dad alone. yahoo. It is so wonderful going through zion on the back of a Harley. Really it is. What a view. I will have to write about it when I get back.

Dianna comes home in a month and I don't have anywhere for her to sleep. I am excited for her to come home. She has served with all her heart on her mission. She loves the Lord and loves the Church historical sites. Even her down times are good times for her. Even when she fell down the stairs of her apartment in the snow. By the was she hates the snow and doesn't want to see it for a while. I don't blame her. It is going to be hard for her to come back to this routine. She goes back for the month of July because she is in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. She loves singing. Maybe she should be on American Idol. lol She would do much better than whats his name Sanjaya. I have missed her very much as I do Chris. It will be good to have her home. I hope she meets a wonderful man who loves her to no end and would do anything for her.

I fell like I am just ramblin.... no not rambo....ramblin. Well, maybe rambo sometimes just not right now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


To start out with. I am so glad Sanjaya was voted off AI tonight. I felt sorta bad for the kid. I hope he had a great time. Now the real contest begins.

Faith--do I have enough? Somedays it seems that our faith is tried more than others. This is one of those days. Do I have enough? I need to not only for myself but for my kids. I know the church is true. I truly do. Why I let people in the church kick me in the bum I don't know. For example--we want to take our non-member neighbors on a Harley ride through Zion with some friends from Denver. They are riding with a group that calls themselves Temple Bikers. These people took our friends to lunch to let them know they only wanted 5 bikes to go. Ours would be 6 and 7. What was their name again? Oh ya "Temple Bikers" hmmmmmmmmm. They don't want the non-members to go. I thought it was the more the merrier. These non-members let us join their group without even a sigh. hmmmmmmmmm Who is more Christ like? Why do I let members kick me when I have missionaries going out? Or when someone in my family is sick or afflicted in anyway. hmmmmmmm Or why do I do something that I think is right and get a lecture for it? Seems like I was following the outline of the church and the order of things and I come off the bad guy. hmmmmmmmmmmm? My Sarah knows what I am talking about. I will never stop going to church because the gospel is true but...hmmmmmmmmmm.... Do I have enough of what it takes to keep getting kicked, I guess I do? Sometimes I think if it were for the poeple in the church I wouldn't go, I go because the gospel is true. I hope I have never offended anyone, if so I am sorry for it. I don't mean to and if I have they should tell me so I can make it right. I don't know why I wrote this but I am sure there are others who feel this at times in their lives. hmmmmm.

On a happier note Sarah brought my grandkids over yesterday. They are the cutest. Someone told me tonight at a party I was at tonight that grandkids are our reward for not killing our children. hmmmmmmmm. Could be true. I have a great life 9 of the best children ever. 2 of the best grandkids. I have my parents still here. I have the best husband who as a friend put it "his only desire is to make me happy". I have two missionaries out which is soooo fun. One comes home soon. One leaves soon also (I hope). hmmmmmmmm Life couldn't be better.

I hope all my kids keep their journals. I started them from the time they were conceived. Like mommy doesn't know I am here yet. etc... I have had a great time this last couple of weeks going back and reading mine. hmmmmmm The things our minds forget. How quickly we remember when we read. Life is great. I really wonder how I lived through Tim. What a boy he was. Such a loving and spiritual kid too. What a man he has grown to be but so misunderstood all my boys are by others not me. hmmmmmmmmm lololololololol Kids come to this world with such different personalities and characteristics and we can change them. I used to argue that but I don't anymore. We can try to guide them but they are who they are. I love them all. hmmmmmmm yeah all of them.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


We went to the fair with the grandkids. It was great fun. We watched the pig races. The kids loved it. Jenna was a cheer leader for our pig. Our 3 different pigs lost all 3 times. They divide the audience up in 4 sections and assign them a pig. We went to see the animals. Trenton loved to pet the ones that were his size or smaller but if they were bigger he screamed. He loved the little goats. Maybe Sarah should buy him one. lol Mikayla loved them all. We let the girls go and ride the scary rides and we did what I was so full not from the food but from the Texas twister drink. It is fresh fruit juice with the fruit in it and some sugar and water and ice. It is so good. You also have to have a funnel cake. We met the Flaggs there and hung out with them. The girls ran into Brother Little and Morgan and the two little ones went with him. Christina hung with Patty. She hasn't done that in a long time. We also saw the Fords. We decided instead of sitting on a bench waithing for the kids to get done, we would go to the rodeo. The first bronc rider out of the shoot was so exciting. The horse bucked a couple of times and then fell on top of the rider. He wasn't to hurt thank goodness. There was a bronc that wouldn't leave the shoot. The clown said he could even ride that one. A couple bulls stumbled etc... Lots of action. We finally got home about midnight. It was fun.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I love missionaries. I love writting to them and mailing them packages and hearing all their stories. Today was Chris's day to e-mail. I didn't get to write back and forth because I didn't catch him on. He is such a great kid. He has come a long way. He joined our family about 5 years ago. He was kicked out of his house because he didn 't clean his room. I told him to move in here but he better clean his room and he did---sorta. Once a week when the housekeeper is here. lol I got him to finish school. He wanted to join the military and I said he could do that later. Then I said he could after his mission. Now he does not want to join. He loves his mission after a rough start we won't get into. He has been out over a year. He is in the Pittsburgh PA mission. He is originally from So Africa. His fave thing to do is say he is more African American than most people here are. He is now DL and a finish trainer. He was in Jamestown and the mission pres. just shut that city down to walking missionaries. Now he is back in Fredonia. That is twice he was transferred back to an area. He loves the Lord, he loves his mission, he loves people and can't understand why they don't love the gospel as he does. Dianna is the same. She is at the Hill Cumorah Historical Sites. She will finish at the sites and comes home on May 23. They are both so happy. I can't wait to get Tim out. Hopefully soon. By the time he gets back Bobby will go. WOW. Did I already say I love missionaries?! Chris tells me all the time how grateful he is for us letting him live here. This is his home. We are his parents. I am grateful to have him. He is a awesome child of God. Misunderstood by a lot of people but an awesome man. I love missionaries.
So...Sarah was a little upset because Mikayla didn't do her scripture in Primary. Well....I was reading my journal and found that when Sarah was 4 she was suppose to give and talk in Primary and guess what...she started and then quite because everyone was looking at her. ha That is the same as Mikayla. It is so funny. So we shouldn't be so hard on our children. I bet I was upset with her because she had her memorized too and wouldn't do it. I didn't write that in my journal. Did I mention I love kids? I must to have 9.
My cable is halfway out stupid huh! I almost didn't get to watch Idol last night. I still can't figure out why Synjaya or however you spell it is still in. He is probably a great person but not to much of a talent. I have never watched Idol before but I like it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Teenagers. What do we do with them? My dh called me this morning. He said " Let's just start building a coffing." I am like what? Bobby's hg1ac, or whatever it is called, (blood sugar test for the last 3 months) is at 14, normal is 6-7. He is slowly killing himself. I can't get it through his head. I want to knock him out. I tell him everything that will happen to him. He has been approved for a pump. All he has to do is test and adjust the amount of insulin on the pump. I pulled him out of school and put him in independent study. He does the work at home and then tests at Liberty High school once a week. It is a program Clark County does for students. You have to have your counselor recommend you for it. I can keep a closer eye on what he eats and how he takes care of himself. Do you think he will like that? It is funny that when you have them do something they don't want to or don't agree with, it is DUMB. They make me laugh. Gee, I have heard it all before. I am old I have been through 5 teenagers already. This is not new to me. Hello.

Monday, April 9, 2007

You should do it you will love it

I had to join the blog to post on my daughters. She came over on Sunday and said you should set one up. You will love it. So here I sit writting. Sarah B also said you need to do this it is great, you will love it. The only thing is that I am not much of a writter.
I have a daughter on a mission in NY. She is at the Hill Cumorah Historical sites. She comes home in 2 months and I don't have a room for her to stay in. I was suppose to have my son gone by now but he decided to break his jaw about a year ago and just got the medical stuff done. You know how teenagers are you can't push them they have to do it themselves, they are adults now. Ya, they live at home and you still fund their things for them with the money tree in the back yard. lol Just because you have checks you have money. lol. Tim did put his papers into the bishop and now he has an appointment with the stake president. We will see how that goes. Tomorrow he sees the stake pres. I told him, my son, he needs to leave before my daughter gets home because I don't have anywhere to put her. He laughed.
I also have another son in NY but he is in the Pittsburgh mission. He comes home in December. He will share a room. Get married and have his own home. ya right.
I heard from my daughter today. She is very happy she gets to finish her mission at the Sites. She absolutely loves them. I am glad for her. She goes back in July because she is in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. That was money from the tree in my back yard too. I better go plant another tree or two.
Ya know what this is kinda fun.