Monday, September 24, 2007


Yes, it takes me forever to decide to go to a Dr. let alone get something done. I have to really be in pain. I mean so bad that I can't function, so bad I want to die. Then I go and get something done about it. I was suppose to have my gall bladder out long before I did. It started bothering me when I was pregnant with Timmy. I got it out what 2 years ago. So Sunday we were, a couple of friends and I, talking about a lift here and there. It may take me a few years to do that. I don't know I have to lose all the weight first. Then I will think about it. lol Right. I will be dead by then. I am just glad I am not one of those pregnant people. I am glad those days are forever gone. yahoo! I like grandkids. I like sleep! I like freedom! I liked kids in my day but I am toooooooo oooooolllllllldddddd now. I need a cane. haha. I look back and sometimes wonder how did I do that. Sarah Barlow thinks she has laundry. I will trade her laundry any day. Come to my house on Tuesday after the housekeepers have been here. ha! I love Tuesday. My house is sooooo clean. Love it! and I didn't have to do it. We eat out on Tuesday because I don't want to dirty the kitchen. I like 1 day with it clean. I am just babbling. It feels good. I cleaned the fat clothes out of my closet. I never want to see them again. I hope to purge again soon. yahoo.
It was Trenton's birthday the other night. He was so cute. He loved getting all those cars gifts. He has such cute expressions. He doesn't talk much but he sure lets you know what he wants. What a cutie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENTON

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, I have lost a total of 36 pounds since July 9th. I have been going through my closet for the last couple of days and getting rid of clothes. Joe even went through and got rid of some amazing. I try them on and toss them out. Don't get me wrong. I have all sizes in there somewhere. I am getting rid of the larger sizes never to be seen again. I was looking t a picture of me that Sarah took and I think maybe I am going to need a plastic surgeon. A face lift---well, maybe I should get everything lifted and tucked. I don't know if I could do that. It is to scary for me. There must be a different way. There are a few members of Joe's family that are getting larger breasts. I have a few images that come into my mind one is what will be left in the coffin. Say they have to open it. All that will be left is bones and two silicone filled balloons. lol I was e-mailed a picture on the Internet of a old lady in a thong on the beach. It was so disgusting. She had implants. Everything was wrinkled except her boobs. yuck! She was very thin also. Why do I get these images in my mind? I guess because it is late. I need to have something for Sarah B to read. I don't want to disappoint her.
Silverado played Coronado in volleyball the other day. They are a very rude school. I didn't enjoy playing there. Varsity won. I am glad. Our B team lost. I think their team was full of Jr's and ours are freshmen. Christina is having fun. We go out back and play with her and help her almost every evening. It is fun. I taught myself how to serve overhand. yeah. Bobby is pretty good. He should have played but he said it was not for him. haha.
Trenton is 2 tomorrow. He is so cute. He still doesn't say much but he knows what he wants and so do you.
We fired and hired two new girls at the office. The one I hired (Nadia) and she is cathcing on real quick. I really like her. The other is the one Joe hired and Nadia has to show her things. Joe had high hopes for Sally but she isn't what he thought she was. He knows her husband. This could be touchy.
Time for bed.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

great night

Today Bobby is 17. We got the family together and went to Boca de bepo. It is my parents 55th aniversary also. Sarah worked very hard and very fast for a week and put together a video with music of their pictures in their photo album. They had no idea. After dinner we brought them back to my house and sat them in front of the TV. And turned it on. Their faces were priceless. They said it was worth a million. It was their kind of music. It was really great. I tried to get the pictures in order as much as I could. I goofed on one or two. I just can't describe how wonderful it was. Sarah was the champ. She is so good at doing the videos. She is a wonderful daughter. I have great children each and every one of them. No one has better. They all have their own great talents. I love them each equally. I love them each for who they are. It hurts me when one thinks I love the other more. It is so untrue and they will find it out when they are a parent. I love you all my children. Mom

Tuesday night

Tuesday night I was sitting at the kitchen table checking payroll so I wouldn't get to behind at my office the next day. It was about 1 am. Joe came out and said he felt weird. He said he felt like he did one day when he was in Panaca. He kept pacing and dilly dallying around. He wouldn't sit, he wouldn't do anything. I watched him. Finally he said we need to go to emergency. He usually has heart palpatations. It runs in his family. He said this time his heart seemed to beat to slow. He was dizzy and couldn't breath. So we sat in the ER with his hooked up for a couple hours. They did a ekg, bloodwork, x-ray etc... Then he said you have enough tests and I have been here long enough unhooked himself and said give me the papers to go. We went home. He said he would go to the cardiologist tomorrow. Then next day he didn't feel good. I made him an appointment. They seem to think nothing is wrong. They will do a stress test on him on the 26th. We will see then. I think he is stressed from building the building. We didn't get any sleep that night.

hum haw

Tim is so excited about his mission. He bought a program to learn how to speak Portugese. He works every day on it. He wants to be one step ahead. What a great kid I have. He still reads his scriptures etc... I don't know what to teach him to cook because I don't know what they cook there. lol. I will have to get on missionary moms and find out.

Christina is loving playing volleyball. Her dad is helping her inprove her skills. Everyday they go in the volleyball court and hit balls. She really loves High School. She is also in the choir.

Chris is excited to come home. His only concern is his parents are starting to make demands on him and he wants to be with us. I am trying to encourage him to do what is right and what is in his heart. He has been done wrong in many ways by them but he needs to remember they love him. They are in no means perfect, no one is. He loves his mission. I can't wait to see him and have his humor around again. I really miss him. I will also miss Tim. I love to miss my children when they are on missions. It is so much fun. I love to hear their stories. I love to see their growth.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Tim got his mission call today. He opened it and read the place where he was going and we all went where? Where is that? He is going to Cape Verde Praia. Ha You don't know where it is either. The only one that knew is Elder Roode. It is North West of Africa. It is a group of islands. They are very poor there. They speak Portuguese. He leaves December 5th for the MTC in Salt Lake. He is very excited. The other good news is Elder Roode emailed me today and his mission Pres. called him and said that Salt Lake said his release date is Nov. 7th. Pres. thought it was Dec 19th. So he gave him the choice of which date he would like to use. He said he would like to talk with his mom and would call him tonight. We talked and decided that Nov. 7th would probably be the best. So he and Tim will get to spend 1 month together. I am so excited for them both. Tim's cousin enters the MTC on November 14th. He is going to New Jersey. They may overlap in there a day or two. CONGRATULATIONS TIM. I LOVE YOU.

LDS Mission Network - Mission Index List

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I went to a show tonight at the Hilton with my neighbor for her birthday. It was soooo funny. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard. It was called MENOPAUSE. It was all so true. Younger women just won't understand but us that have gone through it will. We laughed off about 10 pounds. The actresses were great. I kept wondering who I was going to take when I go back to see it. She wants to see it also. I think it may have traumatized her younger girls. They just don't know what they have in store for them in the later years. I bought the cd. The music was from my time but they changed the words. It was so funny. What a nice night.