Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, I haven't blogged since the election. I guess I have mourned enough for now. Since I last blogged I have had a change in the YW presidency. I will so very miss Cathy Flagg. Just when I get to serve with her she is released. She is a good friend of mine. We have had many sessions in her back yard. I am thankful for her friendship. Joe and I had our 30th anniversary. We had a great night. We ended up in the Presidential suite at GV Ranch for the price of a reg suite. It was great. Next time I build I am going to build his and hers bathrooms. I liked having my own side. Maybe I should build his and hers bedroom suites. LOL Now that there's funny no matter how you look at it. I have the most beautiful grandkids. We just went on a trip to Disneyland and we went to the LA Temple. What idiotic people were there. What good does it do to act like morons? Hey, some people voted for a moron that wants gay marriage. So maybe one day this country under his leadership will accept same sex marriages, which is against all of our beliefs. We happened to go to Disneyland the day after gothic day, it was interesting. We had a great time. We rode all the rides with the grandkids. It was so much fun. They had a blast and that is what it is all about. We came out of Pinocio and they handed us free fast passes to all the big rides in both parks. WOW it pays to be in the right place at the right time. We would get stroller passes too. We went to the parks 2 days. We went to Hollywood blvd. That is a scary place. It was neat to see the stars and names etc... The shops you have to walk by are embarassing. We got our hotel free! Thank you very much Danelle! Seems like everyone was there-the Brunsons, the Meadows etc... All in all it was a fantastic trip. My family is the best.

I cooked for Thanksgiving. My bro and wife and kid were here. Sarah and Joeys families went to the other side LOL . We had a few extras that had no where else to go. My nephew Devan and Rachel came over. I love them they are great. I wish they would come over more often.

I did my normal Sunday dinner and we had the missionaries over. I enjoy that stuff. I love having people to my home.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today was a very sad day. It is like someone died. I forsee the death of our nation and wonderful country and the freedoms we enjoy! I wanted to fly my flag at half mast which I just might do from now on. I really didn't care who won as long as it was not Barrack HUSSEIN Obama. I will never respect him. He had a great acceptance speach but it was a total turn around of everything he had been saying the whole time. I don't know why people do not see through him. My family has worked for 25 difficult years building the business we have. We have had many times where our house payment was 3 months behind and I didn't have enough food to put on my table. We never asked for help, we did every job we could to get by and we did. The business has been successful for the last 5 years. I have approx. 150 employees. I will probably be laying them off soon and go back to a ma and pa business. I really do not want to pay taxes as high as he wants. I don't want to let employees go with no job. I do not think it is right for him to decide who does and who does not get money. Maybe I will sell everything and sit on my couch and he can make my house payment and give me a stimulus check every month. Everyone can own their own business. What does it take? Hard work, not couch sitting. Obama will ruin this country. The people are not united and will not be with him as President. I don't understand why people would elect him just on the moral issues. Don't those issues mean anything to the world? Don't people realize that we were told in the scriptures that when we take God out of our government he will not help us anymore? Obama is not a believer in God he went to a church (until people found out) that the preacher hates America and God. I know the church has been warning us and we now really need to get our acts together. He promises a change alright but not a good one. I could say more but I just get more depressed. Bush did not preform the last 4 years but I at least had a chance. Now there is no chance. I will never call BO president. He doesn't deserve the title.