Saturday, June 30, 2007

blue man

We went to dinner with Joey and Cachay. It was nice. We went to Capital Grill. It is a upscale restuarant at the Fashion Show. It overlooks the strip. It is amazing what you see on the ground from the 3rd story. Some good...some not so good. Some funny. Then we went to the show. It is a great show. I laughed the whole time. If you haven't seen it, it in a good one. They come out in the audience and involve people. Don't sit in the first 4-5 rows because you will be painted, unless you wear the cover they give you. It was a lot of fun. Everyone is invited to our house on the 4th remember. Sounds like Heather will be there. I have people here I don't know. Have a great day. Thanks for the book idea Beth. I might have to get that and read it. Sarah is in Panaca. I miss my grandkids when she goes there. Oh, I went to the Coach outlet. They are having a great sale. The one downtown is the busiest. It has the most stuff. They told me they are the #1 outlet. I believe it. I also went to the one around the corner. Of course, I bought something. Did you wonder? I love purses.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Last mopey blog

I am feeling in the dumps this week. I went to camp last year as the YCL leader. I wasn't asked to go this year. I have two girls there and I really wanted to go but... Oh well, that is the way it goes. I wasn't invited by the stake or the ward. So to make up for it Joe and I were going to go somewhere. I told him Tahiti but I knew it was to short notice for that. So tonight we are going to dinner and to Blue Man. We went to the lake twice this week. It is nice out there. The water is still a little cold. Bobby is the man. He can jump that wake on his board. He is trying to jump and do a 360. He almost does it. Wednesday is our 4th of July party that everyone is invited to. We provide the dogs and burgers and ask that everyone else bring something to share. We always have tons of food. It is a great party. I love it and so does Joe. Dianna also leaves Thursday for the pageant at Hill Cumorah. After all that we go to lake Powell. I love it there. Then Joe goes to Alaska to fish and then THE BABY comes. Yahoo. I also love being busy! I better go get ready to go. No more complaining in my posts. I promise!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

getting it off my mind sorry

I don't like it when you get called to a position at church and the person over you wants you to do things like they why call me to that position. If I get a calling I do the job. Does it really matter how you get it done as long as it is done? I give my girls at my office a job. I don't care how they get it done as long as it gets done otherwise why ask someone to do the job.

Another thing, I don't like it when people believe and listen to gossip. I have been accused by a person in the church of talking about someone. This accuser has not come to me and asked me if or what I have said. I would hope that before anyone believed something I supposedly said they would ask me first. Whom is the bigger sinner the supposed gossiper or the believer?

Just wanted to get that off my chest sorry. Any insites out there on the subject?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

lots of laughs

I am so funny. haha. I hope you are doing much better Annilee. I asked what you could or couldn't have to eat and they said you didn't have a set diet. I hope it was ok. Anywho. I am back from my cruise. We (Joe and I) took Tim and Bob with us on an Alaskan cruise. We went with my brother and his two boys. I loved Alaska. It is beautiful. We had a great time. This is how it went. We left Sunday morning. Bobby is still in training on his insulin pump. Well, he didn't go to the pharmacy and pick up his insulin. We found this out at 6 am Sunday. You cannot get his insulin without a perscription. It must be the new drug of choice. I guess everyone wants to kill themselves on it. One shot and that is what would happen if you didn't need it. We figured we should be able to get the perscription transferred to Alaska. He said he had enough to last but what if he doesn't. At the airport while we wait for the plane I kick up a conversation with a man who is from Canada. I asked him if he knew if we could get insulin without a perscription in Canada. Joe said "He won't know that!" My boys are looking at me like I am crazy. The man says well "As it so happens, my wife is diabetic and no you have to have a perscription." O ya, we think we need to check into United well we had to walk back with our luggage to the International Airport because we are flying Canada air. It is probably 1/2 mile. Then you have to go through custums. They have to search Bob because of his pump. I got 0 (that means no) sleep Saturday night. I was so tired. We have a good flight. We take the limo to the ship and meet my brother there. We booked a penthouse so we had champagne, flowers and fruit waiting for us because we are starved. You know a hooch and a tiny bag of trail mix doesn't go very far. We find food on the ship, yes! That is what you do on ship eat, eat, eat....We are in the very front of the ship and have a great balcony. I hate to do those life jacket drills. we leave yes. Monday we sail. Tuesday we dock at Ketchican. It is beautiful. We saw the old house of ill repute (Dolly's) She was the madam and the--you know. We saw a eagle up close. He was beautiful. They are everywhere. We shopped and toured. It was beautiful. We ate real fish and chips. Then we got back on and sailed to Juneau. The boys (men) went fishing. My sil and I looked around the port and went to see a glacier and a rain forest garden. It was beautiful. The glacier is blue. I thought the ice would be solid but it is like round ice frozen from your freezer. I don't know why it is blue. The waterfalls are so wonderful. You wanted to swim but I really don't like cold water. I like my pool just so. 89*. I don't think I would have been in that water past my little toe. They have Walmart in Juneau. I didn't make it there darn it. In the rain forest, it is owned by a landscaper. He bought a excavator for quite a bit of money (I know), his wife was mad. He did 30,000. worth of damage to it with a tree so he took the tree, picked it up and was slamming it with the excavator. It landed upside down with the roots exposed. He had a brilliant idea. He left it that way and put moss and flowers all in the root area. The flowers cascade down the sides like an umbrella. It is gorgeous. I would love to do that here. Tim and my nephew caught two big salmon. We got back on the ship and ate some more. We stopped at Skagway. We took a train ride on the trail they used to get to Skagway through Canada. We saw black bear there. More beautiful waterfalls, bigger than I have ever seen. I have been to a lot of places. My boys even enjoyed these scenery trips. Especially the bear. They wanted to get out and chase it like they did when we went to Canada. Silly boys. We shopped and bought stuff for the kids. The ship tried to take us to a huge glacier but there were to many ice bergs in the way. We headed home. Two days on the ship. People were sitting in the lounge chairs by the pool with blankets and parkas on it was hilarious. It was mostly a cruise for old people. No...I mean older than me. I am used to warm cruises down south. It was nice to spend some time with my brother and his family. We get together only once or twice a year. We are going to Hawaii for Christmas and they might join us. That would be nice. Enough boring you all. I am still rocking. The puppies are so cute. Oh, I had to have Sarah take the mommy to the vet because she didn't look to good when I left. All was well.
We might be gone this Sunday. We are thinking about going to the cabin. Sarah said it was wonderful up there.


OK, here is my blog.....there I am done.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

blog, blog, blog

I haven't blogged in so long I almost forgot my password. I am leaving in the AM for a cruise (well deserved) to Alaska. In this past week. We have given 23 people including myself (the worst case) food poisoning. I never knew you could throw up the lining of your stomach so many times and swallow it again. ugh.. Sorry so graffic. Or have loose bowles for so long. I lost 12 pounds. I had to go to jury duty the next day and stay for 7 1/2 to 8 hrs and not get picked. I would have just puked. You can't get out of it unless you talk with the judge. I had to get ahead at the office. I had to redo payroll because the girls like to make mistakes. I am just suppose to push print. hahahaha. We delivered 8 puppies. We finally got a long awaited passport. We had a wonderful friend (true meaning of friend) stand in line in LA because the passport people miscalculated and needed to get $15.00 more from us. He (our true friend) stood in line 4 hrs. I owe him big time. big big time. I had to finish at the office today. Mind you it is Saturday. I have to get things ready for my kids. My wonderful friend Tricia will drive for me this week in the car pool for school. Great friend also. I haven't packed. I am still washing. haha What am I doing? blogging am I insane? I will report later. Oh, it is suppose to rain the whole cruise. wonderful. My hair will love that! I will have fun though.