Thursday, August 30, 2007


Now I think I have caught up on my blogging, so no more complaining. I even changed my background and learned how to put pictures on. woohoo Cudos for me.

The gang is all here in South Dakota.
McDonalds. We really went all out and spent a lot of money to eat.
Eating again, and again and again.
The hill behind us is Devils Tower. It has an old Indian folklore that goes with it.
The cool gang. We are between two states.

TAGGED (a long time ago)

Ive been taggedJobs Ive Held:
1. I worked at a vet
2. Wife
3. Mom
4. Grandma

Films I could watch over and over
1. the Kind and I with Yule Brenner
2. Ever After
3. Patriot

Places Ive lived:
3. Oaklahoma
4. California

Favorite TV Shows:
1. Everybody loves Raymond
2. Untold stories of the ER
3. Dirty Jobs
4. Critical Hour

Fav Foods:
1. Chocolate
2. pineapple pizza
3. Lasagna
4. Cookies choc chip

Websites I visit Daily:
1. blogs
2. family web site
Places Id rather be:
1. Shopping
2. Shopping
3. Disneyland with the grandkids
4. hawaii-can't wait to go in december

I tag Beth

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Christina made the freshman volleyball team out of 38 girls. That is awesome. She had her first game yesterday. They played at Durango. It was like 110 in the gym. Their air conditioner was struck by lightening and it was out. The girls need a real coach. Their coach does not know what she is doing. I told Sarah she should coach them. They did win. Yeah. Christina pulled them out of the first game with 9 serves in a row. Yes! I am hoping by the end of the year they will at least know how to set. Maybe line up on the line after the game or something. I know they are freshman and most have never played. They have also changed all the rules since Sarah played. I don't think I like the new rules. They have taken alot of the "skill" I guess is the word out of the game. Anyway, that is progress I guess. Freshmen team won and the varsity lost after 5 games. I look forward to ging to High School sports again.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Calls usually do come 2 weeks after the papers are put in. This will be my 4th missionary. I love having missionaries out there. When Tim comes back, Bob will either be leaving or gone. WOW. Then I only have girls left.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, after a long hard year and a few months. Tim finally has his papers turned in. He called President Davie tonight and Pres. told him that they went today. Tim is very excited. I hope he leaves before December because we don't have a ticket for him for Hawaii. Elder Roode comes home on December 19. That is a couple of days before we leave for Hawaii. Everything worked out for him. He is doing so well. They love him. I am going to bed, I am tired.

Friday, August 24, 2007

cell phone

I got a new cell phone. I got the blackberry curve. Boy does it do alot. I want to find a site that I can download some nice ringtones and the at&t site doesn't have that many country songs that I like. Such a catrastophy right? haha. I wish that was all I had to worry about. I think I will do some answer tones too. I haven't been to our ward for about 5 weeks. I won't be there this Sunday either. We have a court of honor and homecoming in St George.

We had a bunch of volleyball girls at our home this evening. Christina made the freshman volleyball team at Silverado. She is excited. It was a get to know you and the coaches and the rules meeting. The girls tye dyed shirts and socks. Well, mostly they dyed their hands and clothes. Christinas hands are purple. This too shall fade. haha.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm back

What a busy summer I have had so far. Let's catch up. Lake Powell was so fun. I got a nice tan. I didn't even need to sit in the sun. The water was beautiful. The temperature was great. We had fun with all the family and friends that showed up. Our boat worked the whole time. We didn't hit a sand bar with the boat, no one tried to run us off the road on the way. The grandkids were so much fun. We only wish Joey, Cachay, Dianna and Chris could have been there. We had lots of excellent family time. We even went into church. Woohoo. We missed the first ward we went to so had to find another chapel or go to a meeting in Navajo. Which would have been okay we went to a Samoan one in Australia. Dianna was in Palmyra. She was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. She enjoyed that very much. I can't wait to go back to the Lake.

Dianna came home on the 22nd. Joe went to Alaska on the 28th. A vendor took him fishing for a couple days. He said it was the only time that he didn't spend a dime on a trip. He took his wallet out once and the Vendor told him to put it away. He was amazed. He usually pays. He had a great time and caught a lot of fish. He shipped them home.

Joe and I left with some friends on the 3rd for Sturgis, SD. We drove out motorhome. It started with whether or not we should go because Cachay did not know if she was in labor or not so I said let's go. If we stay it won't be labor. I got as far as St George. They dropped me off and I came back with my SIL who is a midwife and happened to be the one delivering the baby. We got to Cachays around 5ish and the baby was born at 10:38. She is so cute. The birth was uneventful and great. It didn't take to long and wasn't to bad for the mom. Her mom was there and I was there. We encouraged and helped in any way we could. Joey caught the baby after the head was delivered. He was so excited and a could coach. It was a great experience. I went home slept for a little while-ya right- and got on a plane for SLC where I met the group and we went on to Sturgis. We had a real good time. We put 1000 miles on the Harley. The country is beautiful. We saw Devils Tower, Mt Rushmore, Wind tunnel which is the 4th largest tunnel in the world. We only had a couple mishaps. One member of our party decided to drive off road on his bike but he kept control --sorta. The other was our neighbor went down on his. Both happened in the rain. It was just starting to rain and slick and they hit the white line on the side of the road and slid off the road. Thankfully it was onto some grass. They scrapped an elbow and hand and a couple bruises but they were okay and oh ya so was the bike it was just full of grass in every nook and cranny. It didn't scratch the bike so all was okay. haha Joe decided to try to play toro with buffalo with his boody. Thank goodness the buffalo wasn't looking. The cop told him to stop because they are easily agitated and they run 35 mph. We went to see Toby Kieth at the Buffalo Chip. Toby Kieth was awesome but gong through the Buffalo Chip was like Sodom and Gomorrah. (I probably spelled that wrong) It had such an evil feeling in that place. You have to be 18 just to camp there. I am glad we camped 20 miles away. We will go back next year. It will be just as fun. I really got to know my neighbors better and see how they live their religion. I hope they saw how we live ours. I hope we had some influence on them for the good. We were meant to be neighbors. We almost bought some land between here and Pahrump and come to find out they almost bought the lot next to the one we wanted on the same street.

We came home and went to see our new grandbaby. She is so cute.

Then last weekend we went to Cache Valley Utah for a family reunion. All my kids went except Preston and Chris. It was nice to visit my dad's aunts and I know they appreciated it. It was a quick and nice trip. We took the motorhome. Nice roaming hotel. Nice to travel in. We got lots of corn and tomatoes. yum yum

Next weekend we are going to St George for a Court of Honor and a missionary homecoming. My neice went on a 4 month mission to Nauvoo. She had a wonderful time.

My cute little granddaughter turned 4.