Wednesday, May 23, 2007

great times coming tomorrow

I went to the new Walmart today on Russel and Eastern. Wow it is huge. I was there with Sarah, Mikayla and Trenton. Everytime I would get out of Trenton's site I would hear Bampa. That is what he calls me sometimes. Mikayla kept saying Grandma I need this. We need to buy those bubble blowers and we need bubbles. I need that Cinderella doll. She knows I don't like Dora and she sees it and says "look who that is grandma". I didn't see it and said "who?" She said look. I said oh Dumb Dora. Do you remember the show that said "_______ was so dumb, how dumb was it?" That is what I refer to. I got in trouble by Grandma Honey one day because Mikayla was at the store with her and said dumb Dora. Grandma Honey told me it wasn't nice. lol (Grandma Honey is the other grandma.) It is fun to be with my grandkids.

My Nana (Dianna) comes home in the morning. Will I sleep tonight? Will she sleep tonight? She has to come home alone because no other missionaries are to be released. It will be scary for her. She won't have a companion and has to change planes. It scares me. I don't like to do things alone. I will give up my guest bedroom for her. Aren't I a wonderful mom? lol Her homecoming talk is Sunday. She sent me a scripture through a member. Yes she keeps the rules to the end. It is 2 John 1:12 Look it up. What a perfect scripture. Her friend Christine Taylor comes home this week with her mom also. They left on the same day. It will be an emotional day tomorrow. I feel bad that she has to come home to the gossip and such going on in our lives. She will be the light that I need right now.

I can't wait to see Sarah and Mikayla dance together. Sarah took tap from Lori. Lori gave private lessons back then. Sarah wouldn't do her first dance until I promised her a green ice cream cone. Now she is dancing with her daughter. No I didn't take tap so I am not dancing. I have sat through enough lessons to know it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Dianna comes home in a week yeah. Countdown the days. Where am I going to put her? She will have to go in the guest room until I get Tim out of here. I want to miss him. I love having missionaries. When he gets back Bob will go. She will leave in a month to go back to NY to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
We did Bob's eagle project last week. It was great and I thank those who came, not many did but enough and we were greatful for them. It seemed to go well. I hope the signs stay up. They are not cemented in. If a strong wind blows they could topple over.
We are going on a cruise on the 3rd to Alaska. We are only taking the boys that are at home, of course. We are going with my brother and his family. They have two boys the same age as my kids. We ran into a problem with Bob's passport. It expires 3 days before we go. Oh well, he only needs it to get back in the US. lol We put a rush on it and it should be fast because it is a renewal. If not we stay in Canada til they can fed ex his new one to us. lol. Joe and Bob will like that won't they. Fishing and fishing and fishing.
The housecleaners came today along with the gardner and car washers. It is a great day. Everything is clean, clean, clean. I love it. Maybe when my kids are gone (what day will that be) I will clean my own house again. lol

Let me tell you about what happened on the way to Panaca. We got about 1/3 of the way and Joe said "I don't have any fuel getting through to the engine" Then he said "Everything just shut down on the motorhome." Mind you we just got it out of the shop from the Dunes disaster that happened because fleetwoods mechanic can't put a oil filter on right. Joe pulled over to the side of the road as much as he could without tipping it over. He unhooked the jeep and he and Bob took off back to town. Also, my parents were with us-they never come with us-so this break down is not a good thing. Joe had to drive all the way back to town. Catapillar would not send a mechanic--they wanted to tow it back. Well, we needed it in Panaca. We called the mechanic from our business. In the meantime--Preston and Sarah saw us on the side of the road and we have a few laughs---they took my parents and Mikayla with them. The mechanic and Joe changed a fuse a 5 amp fuse and it started. We went the length of the motor home and it stopped again. Joe put a 10 amp in this time and asked the mechanic to follow us for a little while and give us extras. Oh, Prestons sister MaryKate came by and stopped and took the girls with her. It was great we made it. My parents ran and got in it when we got to the Wadsworth's. They were worried about where they were going to stay and how they were going to get home. Other than that it was a great time. Things like this just add a little bit of adventure to the trip. lol

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Ya know I really love my grandkids. I bought Trenton a new bed today. It is a firetruck. I wish I could have been able to buy my kids the things I buy my grandkids. I really enjoy making them happy. I think he liked his bed. I hope he sleeps in it. He can climb in and out and turn the light on. He is such a cute boy. I think maybe Mikayla is a little jealous. Maybe she will sleep in it with him. lol I bought it because he can climb out of his crib and I don't want him to fall and crack his head or anything. Maybe Sarah will take and picture of him in it and put it on her blog or maybe put it on mine. I bought my new granddaughter on the way a few clothes the other day, the only problem is that I don't know Cachay's taste so I don't know if she will like them. Oh well, we will see. I can't wait to see how Trenton did in his bed tomorrow. Funny the little things that excite us isn't it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

robbers and thieves

Last night I left my children home (Bobby 16, Christina 14, Sabrina 12, Jenna 10). Joe was out with friends. Tim was out with friends. Jana (that's me) went to ward cooking class with friends. I told the kids to make sure every door was locked. On my way out the door from cooking class I get a call from the neighbor that another neighbor was almost robbed. I guess some hooligan broke into my neighbors house stole stuff and then jumped the fence and threw a rock through this nieghbors french door and proceeded to knock the rest of the glass out with a paint pole. All the lights were out in her house except for the room she was in. She heard the noise and turned her bedroom light on (that was the room it happened in) The guy ran away. She called 911. They kept her on the phone. The cops came. Of course they found nothing. They never show up when they are needed. They just harrass my kids in the desert. Another story. The cop said to keep lights on in your house. Keep it well lit outside. Have a gun available but not where a robber can find it. We have had a lot of burgleries in the area. Some in the middle of the day. I came home and Bob was gone --to a friends and the girls has doors unlocked. Needless to say I came unglued at them. I want to bestoe fear into them. It is just to scary.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My dear child

I learned something tonight while at dinner with my family. My son pointed out to me by saying "Don't you remember Mom what it said in the Work and the Glory III about it is ours to forgive?" Wow, I must learn from this spiritual giant I have raised and the one that was mostly attacked. Ya know I don't care what is said about me but do not attack my children. What warriors my children are. What faith they have. We think we are teaching our children but we really aren't they are teaching us. Joe taught me a long time ago. These children come to this earth with certain characteristics and we can try to guide them but when all is said and done they will do what they want. We cannot change these spirits. We just love them. All of them. I am blessed to have the children I do. That includes my adopted ones. Chris is included in that. He is very valiant. I believe he and Tim were friends before they came to this earth. Chris has been through a lot--to be kicked out of his house because he didn't clean his room---to where he is now a district leader on his mission. So what I started to say is I am going to pray to find forgiveness in my heart for the wrongs that have been put upon my family. I pray others will forgive anything I have done to them. Let us not listen to gossip or spread gossip. I learned a long time ago to not believe something that was said unless I asked the person that said it if it were true.

We have a mommy daughter date tonight at yw. It was pretty fun. We had to do like the newlywed game and answer 3 things about our daughters. Then they had to answer ours. I think my girls know me better than I know them. lol We did pretty good though. It was fun and I thank all those who put on the show.

ride baby ride

I finally felt good enough I could leave my family while we went to Laughlin. I knew they could handle things while I was gone. I took care of some things in the morning so I could prove innocence of things we were accused of. I still don't know if the accuser believes the proof. Oh well, if not woo be unto him or should I say them. Anyway, we rode the Harley. Our neighbors came with us. I think it was 110 down there. It wasn't that hot last year. We had a good time. The multitudes weren't there yet. It is fun going up and down the strip. We mostly walked around in the booths. We left before the rifraf began. My neighbors are so nice. I really think they would make great members of this true church. We came back to Vegas and slept in our own beds. I love my bed.
We left for St George today. That is a long way on the back of a bike though. Good thing we have a radio and headphones so we can talk to each other. I can carry on a good conversation with myself but i don't really like it when I answer back. We checked into the hotel and went back out to the bikes. Guess who we ran into, L. Tom Perry. Wow that was awesome. He is really tall and what a wonderful, kind, spirit. It is funny we ran into him because my DIL just got his address for me so I could write him with some concerns I have over what has just transpired with my family. (You have to write to your area leader. ) He and his wife were there for their anniversary. She is really a good person also. We had a nice tak with them, they are so wonderful, of course what general authority isn't? lol We told him our friends were not members and he said we could take care of that. They just laughed. I think he could tell they were good people. We said goodbye and rode to the Harley store. You have to go to them all ya know. Then we went to Zion. It was beautiful. Not very many tourists...roads were was wonderful. It kinda freed my mind. What beauty God created for us to enjoy. We got back to the hotel got in the jacuzzi after hours (they let us if we were quiet--it was hard but I was quiet). I was exhausted. Amazing how tired you get just sitting all day. lol
We got up saturday and went to Bryce Canyon. It was such a great weekend for the weather. There were lots of Harleys. Mostly from California. We came down the mountain through Panquitch, Brian Head and Parawoan. It was a little chilly at Brian Head as we went through just before it got dark. I wasn't cold I had my leathers and stuff on. Our friends weren't as equipped. They were a little cold.
When we came home we came the old way around the gorge. It was fun. It was hot also. But we stop often to rest. Joe has cruise control but our friends don't. On the way back I thought oh no back to the same problems blaugh. Oh well this to shall pass. No I don't want my own bike. I like sitting on the back. I just have to figure out how to read a book while I am on the back. lol I am just so funny. haha

You have never experienced Bryce or Zion like you do on the back of a bike. REALLY!