Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have been kicked for the last time. It will be hard to get back up from this one.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It has been a while since I posted. What has happened? We went to the fair with the grandkids. Oh yeah, we took our kids too. lol The boys went the next day and spent all day. Everything had such a great time. We went to the rodeo. It was so much fun. I don't know why I like them but I do. I love horses but wish I had more time to spend with mine.

Sarah B I feel sorry for you. I love Tuesday because I love my house soooo clean that day. Especially since I didn't have to do it. My yard gets done, and my cars get washed. I love it. Yes! The worst part is they find lots of laundry. ugh. It takes me a week to do it. I cleaned it all and did everything for 25 years, my husband said let me do something for you and got me a housekeeper. Love him for that. Only thing I need to do now is get some bon bons and be eating them on the couch when Joe gets home. He said that is all I do anyway (on Tuesday). lol

We went to St George to visit Joe's family. It was fun. We all actually got along. We all have different personalities. Some like to brag, some have to have the spotlight when they walk into the room until they leave the room. I used to come home crying when I went to any family things on the in-law side of the family. Now I come home laughing. Nothing bothers me. They make me laugh and I try to make them laugh. I do have a sense of humor ya know. I am funny when I want to be. That is when I overcome my shyness. Yes, I am shy I just cover it well, most of the time. Not when I am in a room full of people I don't know. Then I just find a corner to hang out in until I can leave. People take this in the opposite way. I have been told that people think I am snobby. I really am not---really. We took the grandkids with us and Sarah of course. We went to the Bear Mill. They had a great time. Trenton made a giraffe and put it in Harley clothes and calls it varoom varoom. Mikayla made a pig in a cowboy outfit. Mikayla Pig, that is what she named it. Original huh? hahaha

We got a new bishopric on Sunday. I knew we were going to, I was just surprised who the Bishop was. I knew who the counselors were. Should be interesting. It is a difficult job.

Tim went today and did the stuff he had to redo on the medical for his mission papers. They gave him the wrong papers and then didn't tell him for a week. I can see his side in that he wondered why it took a week to tell him and then I see the other side the guy had family problems. I really feel for Tim because he is thinking I should get my papers in another week and then..........oh you didn't have the right medical forms you have to go to the expense and time of doing it all over again. It can let you down a little. He is a good man. He does it himself.

We are riding the Harley with our neighbors to Laughlin Thursday. Yeah can you see me in a leather boostier (I don't know how to spell that) bra and thong? Don't think so. We are only staying the day. Friday we are going to Zion and around for the weekend. We are meeting up with a few other Harleys. No the kids aren't coming. They get to stay home. Mom and Dad alone. yahoo. It is so wonderful going through zion on the back of a Harley. Really it is. What a view. I will have to write about it when I get back.

Dianna comes home in a month and I don't have anywhere for her to sleep. I am excited for her to come home. She has served with all her heart on her mission. She loves the Lord and loves the Church historical sites. Even her down times are good times for her. Even when she fell down the stairs of her apartment in the snow. By the was she hates the snow and doesn't want to see it for a while. I don't blame her. It is going to be hard for her to come back to this routine. She goes back for the month of July because she is in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. She loves singing. Maybe she should be on American Idol. lol She would do much better than whats his name Sanjaya. I have missed her very much as I do Chris. It will be good to have her home. I hope she meets a wonderful man who loves her to no end and would do anything for her.

I fell like I am just ramblin.... no not rambo....ramblin. Well, maybe rambo sometimes just not right now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


To start out with. I am so glad Sanjaya was voted off AI tonight. I felt sorta bad for the kid. I hope he had a great time. Now the real contest begins.

Faith--do I have enough? Somedays it seems that our faith is tried more than others. This is one of those days. Do I have enough? I need to not only for myself but for my kids. I know the church is true. I truly do. Why I let people in the church kick me in the bum I don't know. For example--we want to take our non-member neighbors on a Harley ride through Zion with some friends from Denver. They are riding with a group that calls themselves Temple Bikers. These people took our friends to lunch to let them know they only wanted 5 bikes to go. Ours would be 6 and 7. What was their name again? Oh ya "Temple Bikers" hmmmmmmmmm. They don't want the non-members to go. I thought it was the more the merrier. These non-members let us join their group without even a sigh. hmmmmmmmmm Who is more Christ like? Why do I let members kick me when I have missionaries going out? Or when someone in my family is sick or afflicted in anyway. hmmmmmmm Or why do I do something that I think is right and get a lecture for it? Seems like I was following the outline of the church and the order of things and I come off the bad guy. hmmmmmmmmmmm? My Sarah knows what I am talking about. I will never stop going to church because the gospel is true but...hmmmmmmmmmm.... Do I have enough of what it takes to keep getting kicked, I guess I do? Sometimes I think if it were for the poeple in the church I wouldn't go, I go because the gospel is true. I hope I have never offended anyone, if so I am sorry for it. I don't mean to and if I have they should tell me so I can make it right. I don't know why I wrote this but I am sure there are others who feel this at times in their lives. hmmmmm.

On a happier note Sarah brought my grandkids over yesterday. They are the cutest. Someone told me tonight at a party I was at tonight that grandkids are our reward for not killing our children. hmmmmmmmm. Could be true. I have a great life 9 of the best children ever. 2 of the best grandkids. I have my parents still here. I have the best husband who as a friend put it "his only desire is to make me happy". I have two missionaries out which is soooo fun. One comes home soon. One leaves soon also (I hope). hmmmmmmmm Life couldn't be better.

I hope all my kids keep their journals. I started them from the time they were conceived. Like mommy doesn't know I am here yet. etc... I have had a great time this last couple of weeks going back and reading mine. hmmmmmm The things our minds forget. How quickly we remember when we read. Life is great. I really wonder how I lived through Tim. What a boy he was. Such a loving and spiritual kid too. What a man he has grown to be but so misunderstood all my boys are by others not me. hmmmmmmmmm lololololololol Kids come to this world with such different personalities and characteristics and we can change them. I used to argue that but I don't anymore. We can try to guide them but they are who they are. I love them all. hmmmmmmm yeah all of them.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


We went to the fair with the grandkids. It was great fun. We watched the pig races. The kids loved it. Jenna was a cheer leader for our pig. Our 3 different pigs lost all 3 times. They divide the audience up in 4 sections and assign them a pig. We went to see the animals. Trenton loved to pet the ones that were his size or smaller but if they were bigger he screamed. He loved the little goats. Maybe Sarah should buy him one. lol Mikayla loved them all. We let the girls go and ride the scary rides and we did what I was so full not from the food but from the Texas twister drink. It is fresh fruit juice with the fruit in it and some sugar and water and ice. It is so good. You also have to have a funnel cake. We met the Flaggs there and hung out with them. The girls ran into Brother Little and Morgan and the two little ones went with him. Christina hung with Patty. She hasn't done that in a long time. We also saw the Fords. We decided instead of sitting on a bench waithing for the kids to get done, we would go to the rodeo. The first bronc rider out of the shoot was so exciting. The horse bucked a couple of times and then fell on top of the rider. He wasn't to hurt thank goodness. There was a bronc that wouldn't leave the shoot. The clown said he could even ride that one. A couple bulls stumbled etc... Lots of action. We finally got home about midnight. It was fun.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I love missionaries. I love writting to them and mailing them packages and hearing all their stories. Today was Chris's day to e-mail. I didn't get to write back and forth because I didn't catch him on. He is such a great kid. He has come a long way. He joined our family about 5 years ago. He was kicked out of his house because he didn 't clean his room. I told him to move in here but he better clean his room and he did---sorta. Once a week when the housekeeper is here. lol I got him to finish school. He wanted to join the military and I said he could do that later. Then I said he could after his mission. Now he does not want to join. He loves his mission after a rough start we won't get into. He has been out over a year. He is in the Pittsburgh PA mission. He is originally from So Africa. His fave thing to do is say he is more African American than most people here are. He is now DL and a finish trainer. He was in Jamestown and the mission pres. just shut that city down to walking missionaries. Now he is back in Fredonia. That is twice he was transferred back to an area. He loves the Lord, he loves his mission, he loves people and can't understand why they don't love the gospel as he does. Dianna is the same. She is at the Hill Cumorah Historical Sites. She will finish at the sites and comes home on May 23. They are both so happy. I can't wait to get Tim out. Hopefully soon. By the time he gets back Bobby will go. WOW. Did I already say I love missionaries?! Chris tells me all the time how grateful he is for us letting him live here. This is his home. We are his parents. I am grateful to have him. He is a awesome child of God. Misunderstood by a lot of people but an awesome man. I love missionaries.
So...Sarah was a little upset because Mikayla didn't do her scripture in Primary. Well....I was reading my journal and found that when Sarah was 4 she was suppose to give and talk in Primary and guess what...she started and then quite because everyone was looking at her. ha That is the same as Mikayla. It is so funny. So we shouldn't be so hard on our children. I bet I was upset with her because she had her memorized too and wouldn't do it. I didn't write that in my journal. Did I mention I love kids? I must to have 9.
My cable is halfway out stupid huh! I almost didn't get to watch Idol last night. I still can't figure out why Synjaya or however you spell it is still in. He is probably a great person but not to much of a talent. I have never watched Idol before but I like it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Teenagers. What do we do with them? My dh called me this morning. He said " Let's just start building a coffing." I am like what? Bobby's hg1ac, or whatever it is called, (blood sugar test for the last 3 months) is at 14, normal is 6-7. He is slowly killing himself. I can't get it through his head. I want to knock him out. I tell him everything that will happen to him. He has been approved for a pump. All he has to do is test and adjust the amount of insulin on the pump. I pulled him out of school and put him in independent study. He does the work at home and then tests at Liberty High school once a week. It is a program Clark County does for students. You have to have your counselor recommend you for it. I can keep a closer eye on what he eats and how he takes care of himself. Do you think he will like that? It is funny that when you have them do something they don't want to or don't agree with, it is DUMB. They make me laugh. Gee, I have heard it all before. I am old I have been through 5 teenagers already. This is not new to me. Hello.

Monday, April 9, 2007

You should do it you will love it

I had to join the blog to post on my daughters. She came over on Sunday and said you should set one up. You will love it. So here I sit writting. Sarah B also said you need to do this it is great, you will love it. The only thing is that I am not much of a writter.
I have a daughter on a mission in NY. She is at the Hill Cumorah Historical sites. She comes home in 2 months and I don't have a room for her to stay in. I was suppose to have my son gone by now but he decided to break his jaw about a year ago and just got the medical stuff done. You know how teenagers are you can't push them they have to do it themselves, they are adults now. Ya, they live at home and you still fund their things for them with the money tree in the back yard. lol Just because you have checks you have money. lol. Tim did put his papers into the bishop and now he has an appointment with the stake president. We will see how that goes. Tomorrow he sees the stake pres. I told him, my son, he needs to leave before my daughter gets home because I don't have anywhere to put her. He laughed.
I also have another son in NY but he is in the Pittsburgh mission. He comes home in December. He will share a room. Get married and have his own home. ya right.
I heard from my daughter today. She is very happy she gets to finish her mission at the Sites. She absolutely loves them. I am glad for her. She goes back in July because she is in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. That was money from the tree in my back yard too. I better go plant another tree or two.
Ya know what this is kinda fun.