Sunday, December 21, 2008

After all the snow, we finally finished most of the lights on our home. We are going to put a star on top of the tree and that is probably all. I don't want to take away from our manger. It is the most important part of the whole light thing. Lynn our neighbor wanted to have a light fight but, I don't this is it. I love it. My husband and boys spent a lot of time on it and I thank them. I think we need to start earlier though. I saw a show on TV and these people take 3 months to get thier lights up. Unbelievable.

J & J Enterprises

This is our office and all of our employees as of December 19,2008. Not to bad. We haven't had to lay anyone off yet and hope to not have too. We have great people working for us. It is our extended family.
After much contemplation---we decided to have our office party at J & J this year. We bought 75 pounds of Carne Asada. We also bought a pig and roasted it. We got beans and rice and all the works to go with it. It was so delicious.

This is the pig that was cooked. My mechanic and friend Danny, built this contraption. The bottom is filled with charcoal and the lid is kept on at all times. It was so delicious. Some were grossed out because it was whole, feet, head, eyes, ears etc... but some people like to eat those kind of things. It was a great party and I have to thank all these guys for making J & J what it is.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, heck it does snow in Las Vegas. Wooohoooo I could not get my car up my driveway! It was so funny. Joe came home and 4 of us pushed it up. We haven't had time to put up our nativity or the rest of our lights. It kept raining and then it snowed. We had a snowball fight at the office today for about a half and hour. My hands were froze. I should not have been out in the cold because I have been pretty sick but I couldn't help it. I like it when it snows and I don't need to go anywhere but I have a lot to do and don't have a great car for the snow. Even the Escalade isn't that great.

This is my cute little grandaughter MIKAYLA. She just got done dancing at her recital. Of course she was the best one there and the cutest dancer. She is great.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I was told by my daughter that I didn't talk about her and her husband and the amazing tree they brought me. Maybe that is because it was sitting in the driveway. We brought our tree in last night. We always put it in the dining room so out went the nook table and we moved the dining table in the kitchen. In came the tree. I have had my tree fall over for the 3 years in a row prior to last year (no tree last year we were in Hawaii). I swore if it fell over the last year it would go in the garbage. That is no reflection on the tree getter, it is the tree putter upper. Sarah didn't know if she would have room to get her OLD, old mom a tree. LOL. They brought me one anyway. It is beautiful. We decorated it today. It is georgeous. Joe said the bet yet. I bought tinsel and isicles. I usually don't buy that because it makes a mess but we did. So thank you Sarah and Preston for the tree. I am glad I don't have to take a whole Saturday and go get one. I can be getting your present instead. LOL

I just finished Tims packages. I really miss him and to think he is almost out one year wow.