Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What do you do when your friends kid is mean to your kid. Pudding in the hair, sitting across from them at lunch and the kid says to your kid "Don't talk to me, I don't like you", your kid is carrying a heavy box and asks the other for help and the other says "no you have to suffer", the other kid tells another to call your kid a B----, when confronted says "oh I was kidding I told them not to after." What do I do? It seems to be getting worse and worse. When the mother finds out it doesn't seem to make a difference. I really like the mother and don't want to cause a problem but this has to stop. I think it will get worse if it doesn't. Give me lots of feedback. Thanks

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is the town that time is in. It is so beautiful. ugh. He loves it, you can tell in his pictures how happy he is.
Nice apartment. I am so glad that I spent money on sending sheets with him. At least it looks like they mop the floor. He said he hasn't had a hot shower since he arrived. It gets pretty cold in the mornings with cold water running on you.
I am wonder why they say that Vegas is ugly and a desert. HMM maybe they should see these pictures. I don't see ANY green do you. Oh my bad I lied the building is green. I should have sent Tim with brown shoes. No wonder it said khaki pants.

That's my Tim. He is always around kids. For some reason they just love him. I got a package from him today. He sent birthday presents since we have so many in May. He also wrote today, so I got a double whamy. yahoo! He broke his toe playing soccer and sent a picture of it. Yep I don't think it would turn that color unless it was broke. He learned how to turn corn into flour using a big stick and a stone bowl. He is doing so well. I am so thankful I live in this ugly town and I don't have to sleep on a used mattress on the floor. He took a picture of a cockroach that was as big as a cue tip. How would you like to wake up to that at night.

On another note. My new grand baby is doing great. Sarah is finally getting adjusted a little. We took Mikayla and Trenton to the fair. They had a great time. I hate those dirty rides but the kids love them. They loved to see the animals, not like grandma (me) doesn't have a zoo here.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby has arrived!

The baby is finally here! Woohoo! Her name is Katelyn. She is 9 lbs. 15 oz. , 21" long. She arrived at 3:05a.m. on April 7, 2008. She is such a chubby one. She is a doll. Mother and daughter are doing great. Grandma is extatic. Big brother and Sister adore her. Mikayla loves to hold her. Dad is tired. She was about a week late. She has lots of hair for one of our babies. It is dark hair. What a sweetie and of course the first thing that grandma did is unwrap her. I love to see the whole thing. She gets to come home tomorrow. Sarah labored for 3 hours. These pictures are not great but I love them. They were taken with a cell phone.

Look how chubby and filled out that baby is. Look at her chunky legs and arms. Look at those chunky cheeks.

They just brought her back from pricking her foot. I guess her face is red from crying. Mean nurses.