Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great day

We had a great day today. We got up (I felt much better today) went to church. The choir did the Easter presentation. We have a man that works with us sing in the choir. He has a wife that is not very nice. Anyway he was so excited to sing. Then somehow he always shows up here for dinner which we don't mind him joining in. We always have a big Sunday dinner. Not so big food wise but lots of people. We had my nephew and his lovely bride with us today as well as last week. All of my kids except Tim of course were here and my grandkids. We ate outside by the pool. It was wonderful. We did a little egg hunt for the grandkids. Mine don't believe any more. It was great. I love family and friends. I should have more people over but for some unknown reason I don't. Maybe I should start. HAPPY EASTER to all of you. I love you all.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, now I have come down with the dreaded sinus infection. I have meds from Mexico here so I started myself on them since I never see a Dr. I don't have a dr. lol I don't remember the last time I saw one. Oh ya, I remember, it was when we had to get physicals to adopt the girls.
Tim or should I say Elder Wyson wrote today. It is the day after p-day but myldsmail is terrible and it shuts down and logs off frequently. You would think the church would have a better system for us to write. It brightens my day when he writes. He is doing so well. He loves the work he is doing. Another thing that brightens my day is my grandkids. I was shopping at Ross and I got a phone call. It was Mikayla. Grandma when are you coming home? We want to go to Macayos. I told her I was shopping for her but would be home shortly. So half of us went to Macayos and the other half went to Sushi. I can't wait til Wrynn calls me.
Sarah is due and ready to have this baby. Joe wants me to pack up and go to his cousins wedding in Washington DC. I told him no way. He tried to give me a guilt trip. He pouts. I said okay lets go (I wasn't very nice). He knew he didn't want me to go in that frame of mind. I said my daughter is due any day and I DO NOT want to go. Why do men have to have their own way? I am married 30 years this November and I still haven't figured that out. Oh, but, they think we always want our own way. They are so silly. LOL I do love him. He is the best husband anyone could have. He does LOTS for me.
Tim even e-mailed 3 pictures. I was so glad. All my BIL had to say about the pictures was nice shoes because they were dirty. Well, in Sal there is no green it is all dirt. So how do you keep your shoes clean? The minute you walk outside they are dirty again.
I am so glad I am over that baby making phase. I love having grandbabies. I don't know how women get pregnant with their first at 40. They ar crazy! I hope all goes well for Sarah. She better hurry or Sarah Barlow will beat her again. lol. Sarah B. you finally look pregnant. Good luck to you both.
LIFE IS GOOD! The church is true. I love missionaries. I hate missing them.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

don't know what to call it

I get so excited when I read Tims letters. He is doing so well and loves his mission so much. He loves the people which I knew he would. He says that his mission president is the best. I don't know if I have ever heard him so upbeat. I just wish that one day I could get on at the same time that he is on so I could talk with him via the computer. I don't think that I have ever had a missionary write like he does. It is amazing.
I don't know what got into me? I just spent 2 hours cleaning my pantry. I swear if anyone goes in there and touches anything I am going to get them. People just throw stuff in there. No one can put stuff where it goes or for heavens sake take cans out of a box and put them in a row. There was stuff in there really outdated. I also can't believe that they were hiding a package of this or that here and there. Then they forgot about what they hid and it is hard as a rock. I also cleaned the medicine cupboard. It is bare now. ha hope no-one gets sick.
We bought a very expensive dishwasher in Nov. It doesn't work now. The panel is shorted and shocks you. The repair man came today 2 hours late. He said that whoever hooked it up wired it wrong. I say he is wrong. It would have shorted long before this. Does he know how many times it runs a week? Always once a day sometimes two. Now he has to order a part and he will be back on the 15th. I guess it is paper plates and cups from now on.
I am tired, my back hurts and I am going to bed to read. I love to read. SSooooo relaxing.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Love them all.

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged. Tim is amazing. He has such a wonderful spirit and testimony. It is wonderful how he has blossomed. He loves serving in Sal. The land is barren, no trees whatsoever, no green anything. He stayed in the town that he landed in. He has been there before. I miss him soooooo much. I am so proud of him or as the Lord said of his son, I am well pleased.
I got to take my granddaughter Wrynn shopping with me yesterday. Then I picked up Mikayla on the way because she said grandma always buys my Easter dress, when is she going to take me shopping? We had lots of fun looking for a pink and white stripped dress. She finally picked out another one. We got together with the moms and dads for lunch. It was a great time.
Sarah and Joey are great parents. They are teaching their children well. Grand kids are the best.
Christina made the swim team at Silverado. I guess there were a lot of kids that didn't make it. She is a freshman and is very excited about it.
Dianna had a male person over for family dinner with us tonight. He seemed very nice but he didn't talk much. Of course with our family who has time to get a word in. I have 9 wonderful children. I don't care what anyone else thinks of my kids I know they are awesome. I want them to know that I love them all!