Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My newest grandbaby

This is the newest Wyson. Isn't she cute. She was born two weeks early and grandma was there to help deliver her. In fact grandma stayed up all night. She has long hair compared to any of my babies. Her big sister Wrynn could have cared less about her. She just wanted to play. Grandpa waited downstairs. She was helped into this world by her Aunt Liz. She is the best midwife there is. I think her name is Kyra. I am not sure of the spelling. I don't know if anything is for sure yet except she is a girl and she is here, and she is beautiful. My other new beautiful grandbaby Katelyn looks so big now and she is only 3 months old. I hope they will be best friends. Cachay is a great mom. Joey is a awesome father. I love them all. My kids are the best. And my grandkids are the cutest.


Kathy said...

She is sooo cute! Makes me want to just squeeze her and kiss that little soft cheek!

maureen said...

too too cute!
I am getting another granddaughter in Sept!
She will be Katherine- Cathrine don't know how they will spell it.
send me your email address at so I can add you to my private blog!