Sunday, July 6, 2008

girls camp

I went to girls camp on the 17th of June through the 21st of June. It was so fun. I very much enjoyed myself. The girls in my ward were so wonderful. I don't think we had any problems at camp. It looked to me that everyone got along and were very friendly to each other. We drove to Cove Fort it was an awesome place to be. We went to the Fremont Indian park. We went river rafting, the Manti pageant, and we hiked to a beautiful fall. It was so great. We let the girls sleep til 8. It was a very relaxed camp. I had wonderful people help with all aspects of the camp. Our testimony meeting was very good on the last night. We got all of our certification done. I loved it.


Doty6strong said...

That was A LOT of fun. We owe that all to you for doing such a wonderful job planning our outings! Good times!!!