Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My newest grandbaby

This is the newest Wyson. Isn't she cute. She was born two weeks early and grandma was there to help deliver her. In fact grandma stayed up all night. She has long hair compared to any of my babies. Her big sister Wrynn could have cared less about her. She just wanted to play. Grandpa waited downstairs. She was helped into this world by her Aunt Liz. She is the best midwife there is. I think her name is Kyra. I am not sure of the spelling. I don't know if anything is for sure yet except she is a girl and she is here, and she is beautiful. My other new beautiful grandbaby Katelyn looks so big now and she is only 3 months old. I hope they will be best friends. Cachay is a great mom. Joey is a awesome father. I love them all. My kids are the best. And my grandkids are the cutest.

4th of July

+ We had the usual 40 foot water slide. It is always so much fun. The only problem with it is people have so much fun especially the guys that they get a red scratched back. I don't know why it does that to them.

We also have lots of people swimming in the pool. Someone grabbed hold of the basketball hoop first thing and broke it. Oh well.

Then there is the watermelon eating contest according to age. I don't know who won this one. Looks like they are having fun.

We also have sand volleyball. We wet the sand down so it isn't so hot. There are horseshoes and the trampoline but the best part of the day is right before dark when Joe does his patriotic speach. It is a wonderful country we live in. Most of us know it but don't do a thing about helping this country. God gave us this wonderful land and we need to keep God in it. I am proud to be an American. I hope I can still say that after this election. Especially if Osama-obama who is loyal to Africa is elected. Who could ever think of voting for him. Really! I love America! Happy 4th

Lake Powell

Mike Flagg learning to barefoot.

a group of us cooling off in the water

Bobby. Need I say more? Nice jump

and he landed it too.

This was the houseboat we had to rent

because ours had problems.

Bobby learning to barefoot with his
cast on.

We went to Lake Powell when we came home from girls camp. It was beautiful. The water level was up. It is rising a foot a day they said. Last year it was dropping a foot a day. Our little beach in our cove was under water. It was kinda hard finding a beach. Joes family came out on Saturday. It was nice to see them all. There were 3 boats and our two jetskis. Plenty for everyone to do. This bar was on Joe's brother-in-laws boat. It was fun. Sarah and Preston came out with the kids for a couple days. We had Joe's mom with us. Joey and Cachay didn't come because she is to have the baby anyday as of the trip.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

girls camp

I went to girls camp on the 17th of June through the 21st of June. It was so fun. I very much enjoyed myself. The girls in my ward were so wonderful. I don't think we had any problems at camp. It looked to me that everyone got along and were very friendly to each other. We drove to Cove Fort it was an awesome place to be. We went to the Fremont Indian park. We went river rafting, the Manti pageant, and we hiked to a beautiful fall. It was so great. We let the girls sleep til 8. It was a very relaxed camp. I had wonderful people help with all aspects of the camp. Our testimony meeting was very good on the last night. We got all of our certification done. I loved it.